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North West

Things can get wild in Queensland’s rugged North West. Visit the thriving mining town of Mount Isa, saddle up for the Mount Isa Rodeo, the largest in the Southern Hemisphere, and drop in at the historic Underground Hospital built during WWII.
Canoe through vivid red gorges in the Boodjamulla (Lawn Hill) National Park and search for ancient fossils in the limestone outcrops of Riversleigh World Heritage Area. Head to Hughenden to see 'Hughie', the seven-metre Muttaburrasaurus and an impressive fossil collection.
And, don’t leave without visiting the Porcupine Gorge National Park.

Far West

Queensland’s Far West is the place for adventurers. Explore the rugged Simpson Desert by 4WD, see the Big Red sand dune glow at sunset and watch thousands of migratory birds flock to the wetlands of the Diamantina National Park.
If you’re looking for outback entertainment, catch a famous Australian band at the Big Red Bash or back a winner at the Birdsville Races.

South West

The closest section of Outback Queensland to Brisbane, the South West is home to colourful characters, wedge-tailed eagles and boulder opals.
Bathe in mineral-rich mud at the Eulo Mud Baths, meet a tiny endangered marsupial at the Charleville Bilby Experience Centre and peer into the heavens at the Charleville Cosmos Centre.


Banana Shire has many natural attractions including gorges, rivers and National Parks such as the Glebe Weir and Expedition National Park. Visit Lake Murphy, Kroombit Tops and Mt. Scoria Conservation Parks, or relax at Isla and Cania Gorges.
The Dawson River and Callide Dam provide many opportunities for fishing and water sports. The Shire can also provide many adventures for the 4WD enthusiast.

Central West

The Central West is the heart of Outback Queensland, a place built by pioneers and stockmen. Visit Longreach, the birthplace of an Australian icon at the Qantas Founders Museum and learn about the region’s fascinating history at the Stockman’s Hall of Fame. Learn about Waltzing Matilda in Winton where the song was original performed.

Longreach Airport is on the edge of town, with flights arriving from Brisbane and Townsville. You can also catch the Spirit of the Outback train from Rockhampton.

North West

What To Do In The Outback

Meanwhile in #OutbackQueensland

Instagram post 2248342010134093252_223853423 Want to know the best thing about sunsets in #outbackqueensland? EVERYTHING!

But the sunset in #Birdsville on top of #BigRed has to be one of our favourites.

If you find yourself in the far-west, 🚗 40 minutes west of town to Big Red. Pack 🥂+ 🧀 and enjoy the 🌄 show.
📷 by @viviennemavi

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Instagram post 2247617137874418197_223853423 Public art, #outbackqueensland style.

Have you left a shoe behind on our iconic shoe-tree between Birdsville and Bedourie? We have! 📷 by @franhenro

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Instagram post 2246892364775818612_223853423 Stay cool out there - it's a hot one across #outbackqueensland today 🌡

If you're looking for tips on traveling #outbackaustralia in summer, swing over to the link in our bio 👉 We promise to keep you cooler than this calf 💦.
📷 by @fareanddinkum

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Instagram post 2246167628674490045_223853423 Maria may have sung about raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, but these are a few of our favourite things! 🐶 + 🐴 + ☀️ = 😍

What's your favourite thing about #outbackqueensland?
📷 by @springtonroadphotography

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Instagram post 2245442810832391619_223853423 Our kind of daily commute.

Tag someone who'd rather be driving here right now 👇 📷 by @robyncor

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Instagram post 2243268489736152706_223853423 If your Valentine's Day didn't involve a Golden Retriever puppy and a trip to #outbackqueensland - we hate to say it, but you're doing it wrong 💔.
Lucky there's still 364 other days to make up for lost time.

Tag a loved one who needs to read this 👇.
📷 by @mavie_rose19

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Instagram post 2242543750528971686_223853423 Did you even go to #outbackqueensland if you didn't create your own version of the Abbey Road album cover on our remote roads? We think not!

Tag a mate you'd like to visit with 👇.
📍 Longreach 📷 by @sylvvviafisssh

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Instagram post 2241819062383685943_223853423 "I'm bored" said no child visiting #outbackqueensland ever. Especially when we've got station-stay experiences like this 🐑🐑🐑.
When was the last time your family escaped the city?
📷 by @hkardash

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Instagram post 2241094156864659708_223853423 Proof that you should never quit your daydream.

If this Pom can sit on the bonnet of a road train, what dreams are you going to chase today?
Perhaps a trip to #outbackqueensland that's been sitting on your bucket list a little too long?
📍 Longreach.
📷 by @stusoutbackadventures

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Instagram post 2240369403170498067_223853423 🐮: "What sort of sorcery is this? This doesn't taste like grass"

What are you waiting for? Get your herd together and come and visit us in #outbackqueensland
📷 by @bullocksandbulldustphotography

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Instagram post 2238195048713243745_223853423 While you're at work, we'll just be over here chilling with our outback mates.

Jealous? We know you are. Drop what you're doing and get yourself to Myella Farmstay in #outbackqueensland.
📷 by @sandstonewonders

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Instagram post 2237470379417457459_223853423 Stop reeling in guppies. Get yo'self to @lakecallideretreat where the barra are as big as the smiles of those who catch them. 📍 12 kilometres from Biloela, #outbackqueensland

Let us know the details of your biggest 🐟 catch? 👇 📷 by @lakecallideretreat

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Instagram post 2236745582772118997_223853423 The Wellshot Hotel in Ilfracombe didn't win people's choice award for the best outback pub by chance alone. This place is a guaranteed good time.
📍 Find it alongside the Machinery Mile between Barcaldine and Longreach in #outbackqueensland.
📷 by @maddi_evansxoxo
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Instagram post 2236020720529651021_223853423 Middleton might have made history in 1862 when John McKinlay and his search party for Burke and Wills entered the area - but it's now most famous for being home to one of Australia's most remote hotels 👉 The Middleton Hotel.

Tag a mate you'd like to have a 🍺 or 🍻 with here in #outbackqueensland.
📷 by @allards_across_oz

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Instagram post 2235296066944897481_223853423 When you're building new luxury glamping tents in #outbackqueensland, you can't help it if the neighbours want to have a sticky beak!

Photo by @mitchellgrassretreat

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Instagram post 2233121664463674249_223853423 What do you mean you 🛁 indoors?
Experience #outbackqueensland with an outdoor soak in the mineral rich artesian waters.

Simply make like @wendy.2822 with a visit to Charlotte Plains @visitcunnamulla

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Instagram post 2232396845430489949_223853423 We've never met an adventure we didn't like 🤠. Two wheels or four - how would you like to discover #OutbackQueensland?

Photo by @katiikerr

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Instagram post 2231672077844599817_223853423 It's easy to see why #OutbackQueensland plays muse to so many poems, songs and movies with colours like this.

Discover the colours of the bush for yourself, hitting the 🚗 on one of these iconic drive routes:
🚘 Adventure Way
🚘 Matilda Way
🚘 Overlanders Way
🚘 Warrego Way
🚘 Savannah Way

Which one would you choose?

Photo by @jackhowtooo

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Instagram post 2230947420829011435_223853423 No surprises with this #outbackqueensland weather report - ☀️❌☁️ Tag an Outback Mate you'd want to visit with 🤠.
Photo by @jess_miller_photography

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Instagram post 2230222522815821804_223853423 #OutbackQueenland or #Mars? We'll let you decide.

Did you know this epic landscape is home to the Yowah Nut Opal, a colourful opal distinctive to the region?

If you've got a fossicking license, the designated area is yours for exploring. What are you waiting for?

Photo by @clubboutiquehotel

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Instagram post 2230222522815821804_223853423 #OutbackQueenland or #Mars? We'll let you decide.

Did you know this epic landscape is home to the Yowah Nut Opal, a colourful opal distinctive to the region?

If you've got a fossicking license, the designated area is yours for exploring. What are you waiting for?

Photo by @clubboutiquehotel

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Instagram post 2228048193273342157_223853423 This calf is everybody RN running towards the long weekend.

Photo by @danielle_jessie

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Instagram post 2227323417760229315_223853423 Australia is a very big place and this sign atop Mount Isa's City Lookout proves the point.
📍 674km to Alice Springs
📍 1,576km to Brisbane
📍 16,095km to New York City
Just to name a few!

How far have you travelled to visit #OutbackQueensland?

Photo by @graduated.cylinder
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Instagram post 2226598641409605084_223853423 This pub is no mirage. 
@birdsvillehotel might be the last pub before you hit the Simpson Desert but we can promise you its beers are still ice cold.

This historical pub (est 1884) is well worth the 1582km trek from Brisbane to Birdsville all in the name of a 🍺or 🍻.
Tag a mate you'd want to 🚗 west with 👇

Photo by @georgie.mann.photos
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Instagram post 2225873884461380807_223853423 If you thought #outbackqueensland was all red dirt and dust, think again.

Enter Lawn Hill National Park, which promises 4WD-only, phone reception-free and off-the-beaten-track adventure 🚗🚗🚗.
What do you reckon? Tag a mate you'd take here 👇

Photo by @haggisspringrolls
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Instagram post 2225149093605191262_223853423 We don't know about you, but these 🐮 look like they're about to drop the hottest album of 2020.

11/10 would listen to their mooooo-sic 🎧

Photo by @wattle_and_co
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Instagram post 2222974771016856748_223853423 You never know who you'll meet in #outbackqueensland

Our Aussie natives aren't usually shy out west.

Just remember to take extra caution on the roads around dusk and dawn when our friendly natives often come out to play. 
Photo by @sidetracked.australia
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Instagram post 2222250006317001626_223853423 If you've been there, done that, stayed at normal hotels, why not swap things up with a station say in 2020?

We're not horsing around, #outbackqueensland is full of them!

Tag a mate you'd want to take 👇

Photo by @llehmannphotography
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Instagram post 2221525215938922660_223853423 Hold onto your hats, or don't, it's National Hat Day!

We don't need any excuse in #outbackqueensland to toss our akubras in the air. 
Photo by @annehartung.photography
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Instagram post 2220800435608929946_223853423 Riddle us this, where else can you check into 4.5 ⭐️ luxury and still sleep under a blanket of a million of them 👉 @saltbushretreat.

To find it 📍@visitlongreach aka 'the heart of the outback'.
Getting there is easy, whether you choose 🚗🚌🚊✈️.
So, what are you waiting for? Tag an outback mate you'd like to travel with 🤠
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