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North West

Things can get wild in Queensland’s rugged North West. Visit the thriving mining town of Mount Isa, saddle up for the Mount Isa Rodeo, the largest in the Southern Hemisphere, and drop in at the historic Underground Hospital built during WWII.
Canoe through vivid red gorges in the Boodjamulla (Lawn Hill) National Park and search for ancient fossils in the limestone outcrops of Riversleigh World Heritage Area. Head to Hughenden to see 'Hughie', the seven-metre Muttaburrasaurus and an impressive fossil collection.
And, don’t leave without visiting the Porcupine Gorge National Park.

Far West

Queensland’s Far West is the place for adventurers. Explore the rugged Simpson Desert by 4WD, see the Big Red sand dune glow at sunset and watch thousands of migratory birds flock to the wetlands of the Diamantina National Park.
If you’re looking for outback entertainment, catch a famous Australian band at the Big Red Bash or back a winner at the Birdsville Races.

South West

The closest section of Outback Queensland to Brisbane, the South West is home to colourful characters, wedge-tailed eagles and boulder opals.
Bathe in mineral-rich mud at the Eulo Mud Baths, meet a tiny endangered marsupial at the Charleville Bilby Experience Centre and peer into the heavens at the Charleville Cosmos Centre.


Banana Shire has many natural attractions including gorges, rivers and National Parks such as the Glebe Weir and Expedition National Park. Visit Lake Murphy, Kroombit Tops and Mt. Scoria Conservation Parks, or relax at Isla and Cania Gorges.
The Dawson River and Callide Dam provide many opportunities for fishing and water sports. The Shire can also provide many adventures for the 4WD enthusiast.

Central West

The Central West is the heart of Outback Queensland, a place built by pioneers and stockmen. Visit Longreach, the birthplace of an Australian icon at the Qantas Founders Museum and learn about the region’s fascinating history at the Stockman’s Hall of Fame. Learn about Waltzing Matilda in Winton where the song was original performed.

Longreach Airport is on the edge of town, with flights arriving from Brisbane and Townsville. You can also catch the Spirit of the Outback train from Rockhampton.

North West

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Instagram post 2153700821223615009_223853423 🏕️ Looking for a camping spot with 360 degree views of #OutbackQueensland magic ✨ for your next weekend getaway? We've found just the spot! 🙌 With only being a 5-minute drive to 👉 Carnarvon Gorge, trust us the views are gorge-ous! 😍🌳 Photo by @amilliontraces
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Instagram post 2152251260627980441_223853423 Who's chasing sunsets this weekend? ☀️😍 You know that we'll be! 🙋 #OutbackQueensland photo by @benjiman_crisp
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Instagram post 2151438385301127315_223853423 🐪👁️ With long lush lashes that drag queens could only wish for; we're not surprised that Priscilla the Camel who calls Bedourie home, loves being in the camera's eye too! 📸 And pats? That's a 'yes' from Priscilla too! 😍 #OutbackQueensland photo  by @sarkarralee
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Instagram post 2150804224934163163_223853423 Who's taken on the @outbackway before? 🗺️ It's Australia's Longest Shortcut; linking the Reef 🐠, the Rock and the West! 🏜️ #OutbackQueensland photo by @goneroaming_aus
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Instagram post 2150066841752691268_223853423 It's not just us who love checking out #OutbackQueensland in bloom 🌱🌼 it's our emu friends too! 😍 @karlypetersenphotography spotted this mob amongst the greenery in #Birdsville!
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Instagram post 2148599681788219334_223853423 🚙 Did you road trip anywhere this weekend?🚙 We wanna hear 👂 so let us know below! 👇We love the contrasting colours of #OutbackQueensland landscape 🏜️ in this shot captured by @thecruiserlife 📸
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Instagram post 2147119939089960138_223853423 🐪 We're celebrating World Animal Day! 🌏 In some parts of #OutbackQueensland you’ll find that the animal population outnumbers the human one 😮 Check out @kooleahnoel making mates with the local camels in Mount Isa!
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Instagram post 2146369989597438714_223853423 Whether you're on two feet 👣 or four 🐾, Mary Kathleen is an adventure worth getting off the beaten track for 🚘🗺️ Have you visited this abandoned uranium mine along the @overlandersway? 👻#OutbackQueensland photo by @tracks.we.travel
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Instagram post 2142046503341020389_223853423 ✈️🌏 Happy World Tourism Day! 🌏✈️ Are you travelling anywhere this weekend? We wanna hear 👂 so let us know below 👇 #OutbackQueensland photo by @seanscottphotography
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Instagram post 2140649816149865595_223853423 🐶 Even our four-legged friends love exploring dinosaurs here in #OutbackQueensland 🦖 Muttaburra's most famous moment heads back to when grazier Doug Langdon uncovered the fossilised skeleton of a dinosaur - this discovery was the first of its kind in Australia! 😮 Photo by @bulldustandbackroads
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Instagram post 2139897372709012162_223853423 🤔 Wait... you mean there's rivers in #OutbackQueensland? 💦 In #Longreach you'll find the Thomson River 4.5km north-west of the town and it's home to species of fish, turtles and yabbies 🐟🐢What's the best way to experience it? On a sunset river cruise! 🌅🚤 Photo by @benjiman_crisp
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Instagram post 2138480508948990079_223853423 Eat 🍽️ Sleep 😴 Camp 🚙 Repeat 🔄 With roadside views like this here in #OutbackQueensland, count us in! 🙋
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Instagram post 2137725552148539033_223853423 🛀 Some say happiness is a long hot bubble bath but here in #OutbackQueensland we say happiness is artesian outdoor baths 🛀💦 @amygash_ took a dip in the 🌡️ 45-degree waters at Charlotte Plains Station near #Cunnamulla 😍
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Instagram post 2135885907219642735_223853423 📸 Obligatory made it to #Birdsville snap 📸 Perched on the eastern edge of the Simpson Desert, Birdsville is surrounded by vast gibber plains and braided Channel Country 🏜️ Have you made it to this part of the world? 🌏 #OutbackQueensland photo by @decks_divas_n_dust
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Instagram post 2133407073923479676_223853423 🐪 Friendly giants of Cunnamulla 🐪 With a love for dry climate and hot weather 🌡️ Outback Queensland is camel country, particularly the closer you get to its famous desert, The Simpson 🏜️ #OutbackQueensland photo by @sammieobrien
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Instagram post 2132262046356753019_223853423 🌿⛰️ Who's heading back to nature this weekend? It's hard to say no when you've got spots like this in your backyard 😍🌏 Have you explored Carnarvon National Park? What's your favourite spot? #OutbackQueensland photo by @sherry_koral
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Instagram post 2131713416972021906_223853423 🛣️ Red dirt roads lead the way to Hell Hole Gorge National Park. 📍🗺️ You'll find this remote park 69km north of the small town of Adavale; home to deep gorges,  rock pools and heavenly camping spots 🏕️ #OutbackQueensland photo by @woolgoolgaoffroad
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Instagram post 2131018855522032273_223853423 Who's climbed Big Red before? 🙌 Standing at 40 metres tall, the climb up this sand dune is a real calf-burner 🔥 But trust us, it's worth it! #OutbackQueensland photo by @paigewarn
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Instagram post 2130505472705184711_223853423 👻 Camping in a ghost town? 👻 Set up camp for free in the abandoned town of 📍 Mary Kathleen along the @overlandersway.  While you're there see if you can make out the old post office, town square and tennis court 🎾 in the town once home to over 1,000 people 🏡 #OutbackQueensland photo by @stewarts_wandering
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Instagram post 2128814334028217949_223853423 🐎 Name a more iconic outback race meet... we'll wait! 🐎 More than 5,000 punters made their way to the tiny town of #Birdsville for @thebirdsvilleraces over the weekend 🙌 The event celebrated 137 years! 😯 #OutbackQueensland
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Instagram post 2128333652084441622_223853423 ☀️💦 There's no place we would rather spend soaking up the September sunshine 🛶 #OutbackQueensland photo by @rnrwanderers
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