We invite you to be mesmerised and inspired by Outback Queensland, where the land and the people tell Australia's Story
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Travel Outback Australia – So Much More Than Meets The Eye!


The natural wonders and inspirational museums and monuments you’ll find in outback Queensland are so much more than tourist attractions.  You can make a connection with the ancient world through 95 million year old footprints. Or see Australia’s story through the eyes of the stockmen, explorers and aviation pioneers who paved the way for a thriving modern Australia. The history you remember from school books comes to life before your eyes in these places. Adventure holidays in Queensland leave an impression on your heart and soul that stays with you forever.


Landmarks, landscapes and local attractions

Whether you choose to enjoy organised outback tours or be your own travel guide and write your story in the dust, there is plenty to see and do in outback Queensland.  Some of Australia’s most respected museums will be a highlight of your journey, like the Australian Stockman’s Hall Of Fame or the QANTAS Founders Museum.  You’ll come to understand Queensland’s place in Australia’s story, and perhaps find inspiration for the next chapter of your own story while you’re there.


Step back in time at the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum, the Eromanga Natural History Museum or the Dinosaur Stampede at Lark Quarry National Park. Queensland’s unique soils have preserved some of the world’s most significant fossils. Talk to the experts here, and dig for treasures of your own.


When it comes to natural beauty, outback Queensland is a wonderland of national parks, waterholes and unspoiled landscapes. Not sure where to start? Why not talk to the locals? Old fashioned hospitality is just another one of the reasons people choose to holiday in Queensland when they’re planning an outback adventure.


Check out our suggested holiday itineraries, including road trips and self drive outback tours that mean you won’t miss a thing on your Queensland holiday. Your outback mates have made planning an outback adventure even easier!


There’s so much more than meets the eye when you travel outback Australia. Make Queensland’s natural landscapes and historical attractions part of your outback story.


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