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73km Location: Adavale

Hell Hole Gorge National Park

Hell Hole Gorge National Park is a remote park in the arid mulga lands of south-western Queensland, where you can bush camp and enjoy nature.

80km Location: Quilpie

Bulloo River Walk

A stroll along the Bulloo River Walk is a tranquil way to appreciate the native flora and fauna of the Bulloo River Catchment.

81km Location: Quilpie

Quilpie’s ‘End of the Line’

Quilpie is the 'End of the Railway Line' or the beginning ...... depending on how you want to look at things.

81km Location: Quilpie

Quilpie Memorial Swimming Pool

Beat the heat and relax at the Quilpie Swimming Pool Complex. There is a children’s wading pool and kiosk available for your convenience.

81km Location: Quilpie

Bob Young Memorial Park

Whilst in Quilpie visit the Bob Young Memorial Park which is situated in Brolga Street it is a tribute to those who served our country

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81km Location: Quilpie

Quilpie Shire Railway Museum

The Quilpie Shire has long railway history with Quilpie being at the end of the Western railway line.

81km Location: Quilpie

Quilpeta – Quilpie Night Show Experience

Take your seat on the expansive green space in front of the supersized outdoor screen for the brand new Quilpeta Night Show.

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81km Location: Quilpie

Quilpie Shire Gallery, Arts and Cultural Community

The Quilpie Shire Gallery at the Visitor Information Centre showcases local talent as well as artists from over the country.

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81km Location: Quilpie

Quilpie Shire Military History Museum

Located next door to the Visitor Information Centre is the Quilpie Shire Military History Museum. This display features photographs, memorabilia and literature depicting Quilpie's Military

81km Location: Quilpie

St Finbarr’s Opal Altar

Home to one of Quilpie Shire's most iconic attractions, St Finbarr's Church rests on the foundations of an intriguing history.

81km Location: Quilpie

Quilpie Opal Fossicking

Allow the Quilpie Shire introduce you to a radiant beauty - the exquisite boulder opal. Try your luck at finding your own piece of opal,

81km Location: Quilpie

Quilpie Powerhouse Museum

The Quilpie Powerhouse was turned on in Quilpie March 1952. Quilpie was the first town in Western Queensland to have a powerhouse.

83km Location: Quilpie

Baldy Top Lookout

Explore caves and crevices, untouched by civilisation whilst traversing this magnificent boulder formation which was created naturally over millions of years.

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86km Location: Quilpie

Quilpie Airport Mini Museum and Wool Scour

In 1930 famous Amy Johnson landed in Quilpie on her journey from England to Australia.

114km Location: Blackall

Idalia National Park

Amid the gorges and rocky formations of the Gowan Range tablelands, Idalia National Park protects extensive mulga woodlands, the Bulloo River's headwaters and threatened wildlife.

142km Location: Yaraka

Mt Slowcombe Lookout

Mount Slowcombe Lookout is located close to the small town of Yaraka. The panoramic view takes in the nearby Yang Yang ranges.

158km Location: Charleville

Charleville Skate Park

Travelling with teenagers? Let them stretch their legs in Charleville's new skate park. Conveniently located next door to the swimming pool.

158km Location: Charleville

Warrego River Walk

Wander along Charleville's Warrego River Walk beside the northernmost tributary of the Darling River.

158km Location: Charleville

Charleville SES Shed – Flood Display

The Flood Marker project serves to tell the story of the people of 1990, many of whom are still here and remember it vividly.

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158km Location: Charleville

Charleville Historic House Museum

Filled to the brim with treasures of yesteryear, some dating back as far as the 1800's, you'll be surprised at what you'll find.

158km Location: Charleville

Mulga Lands Art Gallery

The Mulga Lands Gallery is a bright contemporary art space with curated exhibitions changing regularly with an array of artistic genres.

158km Location: Charleville

The Shed at The Faraway Tree

This beautiful, 109 year old workshop is now open to visitors, housing a display of vintage sewing machines, local stories and nostalgic memorabilia.

159km Location: Charleville

Charleville’s Oldest Tree

Stop by Charleville's oldest tree, a gracious and grand Moreton Bay Ash (Carbeen). Its botanical name is Corymbia tessellaris and the tree is nationally registered.

159km Location: Charleville

Charleville Water Tower

The Charleville Water Tower proudly features on the Silo Art Trail.

159km Location: Charleville

King Edward Park Charleville

Located in Parry Street, Charleville, King Edward Park was established to offer a playground, exercise equipment, netball courts, basketball court, tennis courts and skate park