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61km Location: Hughenden

Hughenden Recreational Lake

The Hughenden Recreational Lake was constructed in 2019 and jointly funded by the Australian Government under the Building Better Regions Fund and Flinders Shire Council.

61km Location: Hughenden

Historic Coolabah Tree

The Historic Coolabah Tree is of immense historical importance as it is linked to two relief expeditions searching for the Burke and Wills Expedition.

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61km Location: Hughenden

Flinders Discovery Centre

The Flinders Discovery Centre has interpretive displays on local landscapes, history and culture.

88km Location: Hughenden

Kooroorinya Falls Nature Reserve

Kooroorinya Falls is a natural waterhole surrounded by high rock walls on one side and sandy, shaded banks on the other.

89km Location: Richmond

Lake Fred Tritton

Lake Fred Tritton has a relaxed, yet energetic vibe and is bursting with activities to excite the whole family.

89km Location: Richmond

Cambridge Downs Heritage Display Centre

Built from local flagstone rock the Cambridge Downs Heritage Display Centre is a replica of the original Cambridge Downs Homestead built in the late 1860's.

89km Location: Richmond

Jack Brown Lions Park

When travelling the Overlanders Way, between Townsville and Mount Isa, the Jack Brown Lions Park at Richmond presents itself as a halfway stopover.

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89km Location: Richmond

Kronosaurus Korner

Visiting Australia's premier marine fossil museum, Kronosaurus Korner, is an unforgettable prehistoric adventure.

90km Location: Richmond

Richmond Fossil Hunting Sites

Unlock your inner-palaeontologist and explore Australia’s ancient marine past at Richmond’s Free Fossil Hunting Sites.

90km Location: Richmond

Bush Tucker Garden

Wander through the Bush Tucker Garden and be educated on the regions native plants and their traditional purposes.

110km Location: Hughenden

Porcupine Gorge National Park

Towering cliffs of coloured sandstone, pockets of vine forest and deep permanent waterholes along Porcupine Creek contrast strikingly with the savanna plains surrounding Porcupine Gorge.

129km Location: Hughenden

Moorrinya National Park

This remote park has dry, flat plains criss-crossed by watercourses and covered in open eucalypt, paperbark and acacia woodlands and grasslands. Moorrinya is a wildlife

150km Location: Winton

Cawnpore Lookout and Lilleyvale Hills

The Lilleyvale Hills are set on the edge of Winton Shire and Boulia Shire on the Kennedy Developmental Road.

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150km Location: Winton

Waltzing Matilda Centre

The Waltzing Matilda Centre is a museum so steeped in Australiana that the architecture itself references the landscape and history of the local region.

150km Location: Winton

Corfield and Fitzmaurice Building

Inside the heritage listed Corfield and Fitzmaurice building awaits one of the nation's most comprehensive displays of Australian Dinosaur fossils.

150km Location: Winton

The Royal Open-Air Theatre Winton

The Royal Theatre Winton is an iconic open-air theatre built in 1918 and is just one of two open-air theatres still operating in Australia.

150km Location: Winton

Crackup Corner

When you come to the yard you’ll be greeted by their ticket seller and sent on the yellow brick road of discovery.

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151km Location: Winton

Australian Age of Dinosaurs

The Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum of Natural History is home to the world's largest collection of Australian dinosaur fossils.

162km Location: Winton

Bladensburg National Park

Bladensburg National Park is a large park protecting Mitchell grass downs and channel country.

168km Location: Muttaburra

Dr Arratta Museum

Located in the picturesque town of Muttaburra, home to the Muttaburrasaurus is the Dr Arratta hospital museum. The museum houses an array of medical artefacts

168km Location: Muttaburra

Centre of Queensland Monument

Muttaburra has the distinction of being the town closest to the geographic Centre of Queensland. A new monument has been constructed to mark the location.

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168km Location: Muttaburra

Muttaburrasaurus Interpretation Centre

The replica of the Muttaburrasaurus Langdoni has a new home in the Muttaburrasaurus Interpretation Centre.

213km Location: Julia Creek

Julia Creek Free RV Park

Julia Creek is an RV Friendly town and has a designated free camping area alongside the water’s edge of Julia Creek.

218km Location: Longreach

Starlight’s Lookout

Located approximately 40 minutes drive from Longreach, Starlight’s Lookout can be accessed from unsealed Muttaburra-Westside Road.

224km Location: Julia Creek

Spirit of the Light Horse Sculpture

Samson, the major sculpture was created by artist, Sue Tilley, from a range of vintage metal objects collected locally.