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68km Location: Quilpie

Quilpie Powerhouse Museum

The Quilpie Powerhouse was turned on in Quilpie March 1952. Quilpie was the first town in Western Queensland to have a powerhouse.

68km Location: Quilpie

Baldy Top Lookout

Explore caves and crevices, untouched by civilisation whilst traversing this magnificent boulder formation which was created naturally over millions of years.

68km Location: Quilpie

St Finbarr’s Opal Altar

Home to one of Quilpie Shire's most iconic attractions, St Finbarr's Church rests on the foundations of an intriguing history.

68km Location: Quilpie

Quilpie Memorial Swimming Pool

Beat the heat and relax at the Quilpie Swimming Pool Complex. There is a children’s wading pool and kiosk available for your convenience.

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68km Location: Quilpie

Quilpie Shire Railway Museum

The Quilpie Shire has long railway history with Quilpie being at the end of the Western railway line.

68km Location: Quilpie

Quilpeta – Quilpie Night Show Experience

Take your seat on the expansive green space in front of the supersized outdoor screen for the brand new Quilpeta Night Show.

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68km Location: Quilpie

Quilpie Shire Gallery, Arts and Cultural Community

The Quilpie Shire Gallery at the Visitor Information Centre showcases local talent as well as artists from over the country.

68km Location: Quilpie

Bob Young Memorial Park

Whilst in Quilpie visit the Bob Young Memorial Park which is situated in Brolga Street it is a tribute to those who served our country

68km Location: Quilpie

Bulloo River Walk

A stroll along the Bulloo River Walk is a tranquil way to appreciate the native flora and fauna of the Bulloo River Catchment.

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68km Location: Quilpie

Quilpie Shire Military History Museum

Located next door to the Visitor Information Centre is the Quilpie Shire Military History Museum. This display features photographs, memorabilia and literature depicting Quilpie's Military

69km Location: Quilpie

Quilpie’s ‘End of the Line’

Quilpie is the 'End of the Railway Line' or the beginning ...... depending on how you want to look at things.

69km Location: Quilpie

Quilpie Opal Fossicking

Allow the Quilpie Shire introduce you to a radiant beauty - the exquisite boulder opal. Try your luck at finding your own piece of opal,

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71km Location: Quilpie

Quilpie Airport Mini Museum and Wool Scour

In 1930 famous Amy Johnson landed in Quilpie on her journey from England to Australia.

87km Location: Yowah

Yowah Artesian Pools

Yowah Artesian Spa. There are two pools, the first warmer than the second.

88km Location: Yowah

Yowah Fossicking Area

The Yowah opal field, which includes the nearby area known as Black Gate, is the southernmost opal mining centre of western Queensland.

97km Location: Thargomindah

Lake Bindegolly National Park

Lake Bindegolly National Park is a remote but accessible park on the edge of Queensland's channel country. This park is a bird and sunset-watcher's paradise,

101km Location: Thargomindah

Hydro Power Plant

The Hydro Power Plant is the first in Australia and third in the World! Thargomindah was the first town to have reticulated Artesian Bore water.

101km Location: Thargomindah

Old Hospital

Join an automated self-guided tour by stopping into the Visitor Information Centre and purchase your swipe card to activate dynamic documentaries and holograms

102km Location: Thargomindah

Leahy Historical House

Leahy House is a Historical house open to the public 7 days a week to view how life was lived in 1890's Thargomindah.

102km Location: Thargomindah

Old Jail

Come and check out what it would have been like to be ‘locked up’ for crimes committed back in the day at Thargomindah's Old Jail!

102km Location: Thargomindah

Pelican Point River Walk

The Bulloo River flows through the town of Thargomindah and there are several different fishing holes along the river.

105km Location: Thargomindah

Dowling Track

The Dowling Track is Four Wheel Drive experience linking Back ‘o’ Bourke and beyond to Quilpie in South West Queensland, total kilometres, 567.

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123km Location: Eromanga

Eromanga Natural History Museum

The Eromanga Natural History Museum (ENHM) houses Australia’s largest dinosaur, Australotitan cooperensis, a 95-98 million year old titanosaur.

123km Location: Eulo

Eulo Five Mile Waterhole 4WD Only

The Five Mile Waterhole at Eulo is the perfect spot to throw a line in and catch Yellowbelly, Catfish and Yabbies.

123km Location: Eulo

Eulo Town Camping & Fishing Hole

The Eulo Town Hole is a fantastic fishing area in South West Queensland. Expect to catch yellowbelly and cat fish in this area.