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27km Location: Wyandra

Wyandra Beach

Situated on the western bank of the Warrego River near the town of Wyandra the Wyandra Beach is a sandy enclave perfect for fishing, picnics

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40km Location: Charleville

Angellala Bridge Explosion Site

At 9.50pm on the 5th of September 2014, 26km south of Charleville, Australian transport history was made.

78km Location: Cunnamulla

Bowra Wildlife Sanctuary

Bowra Wildlife Sanctuary is an important refuge for wildlife sitting at the heart of the Mulga lands bioregion.

82km Location: Cunnamulla

Cunnamulla Iconic Sign

Cunnamulla has its own Hollywood iconic sign. Great for a photo opportunity the sign is situated on the corner of Mitchell highway and Murray Street.

82km Location: Cunnamulla

Cunnamulla All Aboard

The 3D sound and light spectacular takes you back in time to when rail travel began and ended in Cunnamulla.

83km Location: Cunnamulla

Cunnamulla Bushland Walk

Discover the regional ecosystems when you visit the Cunnamulla Bushlands Spanning a 6km site.

83km Location: Cunnamulla

Cunnamulla Water Tower

Its story is also based on the same theme as Charleville water tower.

83km Location: Cunnamulla

Cunnamulla Hot Springs

This incredible experience beside the Warrego River will feature multiple free-flowing pools filled with mineral rich artesian water of all different temperatures, naturally heated.

83km Location: Cunnamulla

Cunnamulla War Memorial

An ornately carved water fountain as a war memorial, standing in a traffic island at a five-way intersection in the outback town centre of Cunnamulla.

83km Location: Cunnamulla

Cunnamulla Artesian Time Tunnel, Museum and Art Gallery

The Artesian Time Tunnel located in the Cunnamulla Fella Visitor Centre takes visitors on a chronological journey through time in an interactive experience.

83km Location: Cunnamulla

Cunnamulla Fella

The Cunnamulla Fella is a song written by Stan Coster and sung by Slim Dusty. He is an iconic Australian Bush character.

83km Location: Cunnamulla

Cunnamulla Heritage Trail

On the Heritage trail see the unique characteristics of Cunnamulla and feel what it's like to live like a local.

83km Location: Cunnamulla

The Retreat Cunnamulla

Beauty in the outback - Awaken, Enhance and Unwind. Located in the old RSL of Cunnamulla, The Retreat is a perfect location to relax and

83km Location: Cunnamulla

Cunnamulla Art Alleyway on Stockyard Street

Visitors to Cunnamulla can be forgiven for mistaking this outback town's main street "Stockyard Street" for Melbourne's Hosier Lane.

94km Location: Cunnamulla

Cunnamulla Riverwalk

The Warrego River Walk takes you along the scenic banks of the Warrego, across black flood plains and through the channels.

101km Location: Charleville

Charleville Botanic Reserve

The Charleville Botanical Reserve aims to showcase the region’s vegetation within a 2,000 hectare reserve, just 15km south of Charleville.

Best of QLD
109km Location: Charleville

Charleville Cosmos Centre

Unlock the universe through unique experiences where the expanse of the cosmos meets the wild and natural beauty of Outback Queensland.

109km Location: Charleville

Charleville Graham Andrews Parklands

Whether it's a quick stopover, or a day out with family and friends, Graham Andrews Parklands is always a great place to stop and relax.

Best of QLD
110km Location: Charleville

WWII Secret Base – Charleville

Experience for yourself what life was like for 3500 United States Army Air Force personnel stationed in Charleville in 1943.

Best of QLD
110km Location: Charleville

Charleville Royal Flying Doctor Service Visitor Centre

The Royal Flying Doctor Service Visitor Centre provides you with an incredible insight into this iconic outback service which is still operating today.

110km Location: Charleville

Charleville Skate Park

Travelling with teenagers? Let them stretch their legs in Charleville's new skate park. Conveniently located next door to the swimming pool.

110km Location: Charleville

Charleville’s Oldest Tree

Stop by Charleville's oldest tree, a gracious and grand Moreton Bay Ash (Carbeen). Its botanical name is Corymbia tessellaris and the tree is nationally registered.

111km Location: Charleville

Charleville Water Tower

The Charleville Water Tower proudly features on the Silo Art Trail.

111km Location: Charleville

King Edward Park Charleville

Located in Parry Street, Charleville, King Edward Park was established to offer a playground, exercise equipment, netball courts, basketball court, tennis courts and skate park

111km Location: Charleville

Warrego River Walk

Wander along Charleville's Warrego River Walk beside the northernmost tributary of the Darling River.