Baldy Top Lookout

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Location: Dowling Track, Quilpie, QLD

About Baldy Top Lookout

The best views in the Quilpie Shire are at Baldy Top lookout, along the Natural Sciences Loop and Warrego Way.

Located 7.4 kilometres from Quilpie on the Toompine Road rests a red rocky formation, aptly named Baldy Top Lookout, one of the most elevated points in South West Queensland.

Explore caves and crevices, untouched by civilisation whilst traversing this magnificent boulder formation which was created naturally over millions of years. A climb to the summit of Baldy Top is a relatively easy ten minute scramble. Although Baldy Top appears quite small in its surroundings, once atop this hill, one is amazed by the breathtaking panoramic landscapes that stretch as far as your imagination. Baldy Top is a photographer’s delight either at sunrise or sunset. As ancient as time itself, Baldy Top offers visitors stunning sunsets whilst experiencing the serenity and solitude of the Outback. You have not seen the Australian Outback until you have seen it from Baldy Top.