Charleville Cosmos Centre

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Attraction Details

Location: Milky Way, Charleville, QLD

About Charleville Cosmos Centre

Wow, Ooh, Ahh and Brilliant are the words you hear as visitors view the incredible beauty of the Milky Way Galaxy through powerful Meade telescopes.

Charleville’s Cosmos Centre is dedicated to ensuring visitors enjoy the wonder of the outback night sky. The guides share their knowledge and allow you to observe binary stars, star clusters, planets and the Moon.

Ask yourself have you ever seen the rings of Saturn, Viewed star clusters 17,000 light years away, seen the craters on the Moon, wondered about dwarf planets or seen the sun through a telescope?

During the day why not look at the only star in the sky, the sun! Their special solar scope allows you to see the solar flares.

It’s fun, it’s interesting and well worth a trip to the dark open skies of Queensland’s Outback. Offering day and night experiences, it’s time to book now.