Iningai Nature Reserve

Thomson Developmental Road, Longreach, QLD

Iningai Nature Reserve is named after the Iningai Traditional Owners who lived along the Thomson River from the Stonehenge surroundings to Muttaburra prior to European occupation. The park is part of the Longreach Town Common and includes sections of floodplain and waterholes.

The reserve includes three walking loops; the Coolibah Loop, Wilga Loop and Gidgee Loop, do one or do all three. Each of these walks offers something different and there is one that suits all ages and levels of fitness. The landscape is part of the Mitchell Grass Downs region – one of the most extensive natural grassland ecosystems in the world.

Ecosystems range from Coolibah-fringed waterholes to the adjacent, flat and sparsely vegetated cracking-clay floodplains and surrounding low open gidgee woodlands.. Records to date show at least 13 mammals, 10 fish, 2 crustaceans, 130 birds, 11 frogs, 22 reptiles and 166 plant species occur in the various habitats, some of which are seasonal. These species are highly adapted to the arid climate and like the Stripe-faced Dunnart many live in the cracks in the clay soils.

A place where there is nothing but you and nature, a birdwatchers and bushwalkers paradise. Take the kids on a path of discovery and see the landscapes through their eyes.

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