Isla Gorge National Park

Leichhardt Highway, Isla, QLD

Isla Gorge National Park is a complex maze of gorges and isolated sandstone monoliths. Soft precipice sandstone has eroded into a breathtaking panorama of cliffs, peaks, overhangs, tunnels and arches. The rock changes from yellow to orange and pink with the angle of the sun.

Experience outstanding scenery and rich plant life in this park along with brilliant displays of flowering wattles from mid-winter, and boronias, red grevilleas and grasstrees in August and September.

At the picnic shelter, look north out over large areas of botanically rich semi-evergreen vine thicket, to the distant rugged rock formations locally known as ‘Devils Nest’.

The historically significant hand-paved road near Flagstaff Hill was constructed in the early 1860s by hand, using large rock slabs. It was built less than 15 years after the white settlement of the area and was used to carry wool from Roma to the port of Rockhampton.

Many kinds of birds live in the park. Look for spiny-cheeked, brown, white-eared and blue-faced honeyeaters when the eucalypts, wattles, grevilleas and boronias are in flower from mid-winter to summer. Wedge-trailed eagles soar high above the gorges and peregrine falcons leave secluded roosts on cliff faces to hunt.

Image credit © Robert Ashdown

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