JC Hotel Ruins

Maryborough Street, Windorah, QLD

The “JC” is a historical site located 80 kilometres west of Windorah.

A great place to stop for a cuppa and explore the ruins of the hotel, learn it’s history from the Information board and visit the small cemetery located near the ruins.

Information regarding the JC Hotel ruins is available at the Windorah Visitor Information Centre. (following is an extract from some of that history)

“In 1865 John Costello took a property on Kyabra creek near Eromanga and shortly afterwards he commenced exploration westward, across Coopers Creek to the Diamantina and Georgina rivers. On one of these trips he was empowered by John Collin and son of Melbourne to secure land for the Collins family. It was during one of these early exploring trips that John stopped here and carved his initials (or was it J.C. for John Collin) on the famous “JC” tree while he waited for his billy to boil. At a later date the hotel was built nearby.”

The roof was pulled off in 1956 resulting in the pise melting in the weather over the years leaving just the mounds of dirt and a few stumps in its place.

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