Morven Historical Museum

Albert Street, Morven, QLD

Step back in time where everyday early outback life is on display. The small but delightful Morven Historical Museum contains some fascinating memorabilia.

The Museum also has a collection of Aboriginal grinding stones, stone axe heads, spears, coolamons and boomerangs.

In the grounds, there is the ‘tin hut’, built of flattened kerosene tins, which is a testament to outback ingenuity. Built as housing during the great depression of the 1930s, these huts were common homes for pensioners. With only a few remaining today, Morven is fortunate to have one on display.

The Vietnam Nurses Memorial will open 24th of April 2024. This new to stage memorial is designed to celebrate the Australian who nursed in Vietnam. The first stage, a permanent photographic exhibition, will capture the work of the civilian, RAAF and RAANC nurses who are deployed to Vietnam between 1964 and 1972.

Indicative Rates: $5 to $5

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