Native Wells

Maryborough Street, Windorah, QLD

The Native Wells, located approximately 90 kilometres west of Windorah on the Diamantina Development Road, offer a quick stop by the side of the road and an opportunity to view the native wells, and read a little bit about them on the Information board available. Native Wells in Australia have been used for centuries by Aboriginal people as a water source. Wells in outback Queensland are dry most of the time, however during a wet season, the water is filtered through cap rock and pools in the natural depressions, that are then used by people and animals alike.

Aboriginal people maintained the wells by making sure debris was cleaned out and certainly no animals stuck in them. Traditionally, the well would have a stick in it to allow animals such as goanna’s and kangaroo’s, to be able to climb out. Lengths of timber were often placed across the wells to prevent debris and animals from falling in and contaminating them.

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