The Great Artesian Spa, Mitchell

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Location: 2 Cambridge Street, Mitchell, QLD

About The Great Artesian Spa, Mitchell

Share the secret locals have known for years: a soak in their mineralised waters is relaxing for the body and therapeutic for the soul.

Throughout the ages people have traveled great distances to seek natural mineral waters. Whole communities have grown and prospered by tapping into these healthy natural springs. Here in Mitchell they have recognised the value of their own mineral water from the Great Artesian Basin and have created a unique experience – The Great Artesian Spa.
Situated at Mitchell’s eastern entrance, the Great Artesian Spa comprises two large pools of artesian water. The spa has been designed for easy access, which includes a hydro chair for those who have restricted mobility.
One of the pools has naturally heated waters from the Great Artesian Basin which is maintained at a comfortable temperature designed to relax tired muscles, ease tension and revitalise both body and mind. The other pool is designed for those who prefer a cooler experience.
Mitchell’s Visitor Information Centre is also located within the Complex. Open seven days a week, the Great Artesian Spa is a place to escape modern day stresses and retreat to a tranquil state of mind.