Warrego River Walk

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Location: Wills Street, Charleville, QLD

About Warrego River Walk

Wander along the Warrego River Walk in Charleville, the most northernmost tributary of the Darling River.

Warrego means ‘river of sand’ in the Aboriginal language and the was designed by the local Indigenous Bidjara people. The pathway is called ‘Wadyanana’ meaning ‘I’ll be walking around somewhere else when he comes.’

Along the path read the signs including about Mundagudda, the Rainbow Serpent, see the new and old bridges and view the flora and fauna. Birdlife is prolific early morning and later afternoon. Picnic tables, wheel-chair friendly and dogs on a leash.

The Warrego is one of the few rivers where silver perch breed naturally. Also, home to Yellow Bellow and Murray Cod, it is a angle’s delight with thousands and thousands of fingerlings introduced into the river system annually by the Charleville Fishing Club.