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7 outback national parks to put on your bucket list

If you thought Outback Queensland was simply red dirt as far as the eye can see, think again.   With lush forest, waterways, towering sandstone and deep gorges, you can find over 20 national parks dotted throughout the 901,574km2 of outback landscape – when you know where to look.   Don a bit of khaki and an Akubra and set your GPS west, you’re heading on an […]

48 Hours in Boodjamulla (Lawn Hill) National Park

Where can you find 28,200 hectares of dense, lush forest in the outback?   We’ll give you a hint – it’s over 1,000km from the Queensland coast, sits in the north-west pocket of the outback, and the closest township is two hours away.   We’re talking about Boodjamullla (Lawn Hill) National Park – sitting pretty in the Gulf Savannah, […]

Your ultimate accommodation guide: the best places to stay in Outback Queensland

Whether you're roughing it or relaxing in a retreat, we've got your sleeping arrangements sorted with these Outback Queensland accommodation options.

5 epic Outback Queensland sunsets

Get yourself to one of these spots for the picture perfect Outback Queensland sunset.

Is this the most legendary road trip in Outback Queensland?

Embarking on any Outback Queensland road trip is an adventure like no other, but there’s one route that could take the cake. It’s long, it’s epic and the best part, it straddles the Outback south and North Queensland coast. Titled the ‘Journey of the Gulf Savannah’ by Outback Aussie Tours, this whopping 14 day itinerary […]