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6 New Things to See and Do in Charleville

Charleville screams adventure! Whether you’re stargazing at the Cosmos Centre, fishing on the banks of peaceful rivers, visiting the cute and cuddly wildlife or enjoying a delicious morning tea on a fully working date plantation, there really is something for everyone! Add these new Charleville region experiences to your Outback Queensland must-do list.  WWII Secret Base Enlist in the […]

Dreamtime Culture – Indigenous Experiences in Outback Queensland

Ancient lands, ancient stories – Outback Queensland offers unique Indigenous experiences across the entire region. Learn about Aboriginal culture first-hand with tours and attractions that provide real insights into the past and present. There’s more demand than ever for authentic cultural experiences that celebrate the First Nations of Queensland. Here are a few ways you […]


22 NEW REASONS TO VISIT THE OUTBACK IN 2022 There’s even more to explore in Queensland’s backyard in 2022! If you’re the person who likes to try new things before anyone else has even heard of them, it’s time to add Outback Queensland to your travel list. Whether you come by road, rail or air, […]

A first timer’s guide to Outback Queensland

First time to Outback Queensland? Here's a guide on how to make the most of your first time out west!

5 of the best free family activities in Outback Queensland

File away these boredom-busting free-family activities in Outback Queensland for next time someone says “I’m bored”.

6 wildlife to spot in Outback Queensland

With kilometres upon kilometres of untamed wilderness, it's no surprise that Outback Queensland is a wildlife oasis for animals big and small. Here's your guide to the top six wildlife to spot.

The Wacky, the Weird and the Wonderful of Outback Queensland

Whether you’re a history buff, an adventurous bushwalker or a sports fanatic, everyone loves to check out something ‘different’. Here’s 10 of Outback Queensland’s wacky, weird and wonderful things that you should add to your trip. 1. World War II Underground Hospital in Mount Isa While it may resemble a hobbits home in Middle-earth, this […]

8 ways to survive an Outback Queensland summer

If there was any doubt that an Outback Queensland summer is smokin’ hot - a quick glance at a thermometer settles all bets. Here's some tips to cool down.

9 things you didn’t know about the Outback sky

You don’t have to travel to a galaxy far, far away to discover the Milky Way. Just 745km from Brisbane, you’ll find Charleville, the star-studded capital of Outback Queensland.    As the only observatory in Outback Queensland, Charleville’s Cosmos Centre and Observatory takes advantage of the outback’s clear skies, with no city lights and pollution to cloud what lies between you and the stars.   To get you […]

Galleries & public art in the outback

Known as the place to see natural wonders and breathtaking sunsets, Outback Queensland also offers a cultural experience in the form of art galleries, murals, sculptures.

6 Outback Queensland golf courses you must try

You may have heard of the US Open or PGA Tour, but there is a new golfing event on the block called the Outback Queensland Masters, Australia’s most remote golf series. Connect with Queensland’s outback spirit of adventure, play six of the most unique courses in the world, be entertained by outback tales and live music […]

10 Things to do in Charleville

If Outback Queensland was a game of bingo, Charleville would be the winning number. Ticking off every box of ‘things to do’ on the outback bingo board, this is one town that covers all its bases. Sitting pretty at the crossroads of the Warrego Way and the Matilda Way, this small town makes up for […]

Find your perfect Outback road trip

Choosing which road to take in an area that’s over twice the size of California (901,575km2 to be precise), can be a little overwhelming at the best of times. Throw in niche interests like dinosaurs, endurance events and pioneering history, and the decision of which of the nine drive routes you’re going to take becomes […]

Your ultimate accommodation guide: the best places to stay in Outback Queensland

Whether you're roughing it or relaxing in a retreat, we've got your sleeping arrangements sorted with these Outback Queensland accommodation options.

5 days following the Natural Sciences Loop

The Natural Sciences Loop has it all – wildlife, gems, dinosaurs, stars, natural remedies, and hectares upon hectares of natural beauty. It starts in Charleville, through Cunnamulla, Eulo, Thargomindah and onto Eromanga and Quilpie before sending you back to Charleville.

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