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Finding Wellness in Outback Queensland

It’s liquid gold. Seeping naturally through cracks in the rock, flowing into springs, shallow water tables, creeks and rivers, the freshwater of the Great Artesian Basin (GAB) is an Outback lifeline. One of the largest underground basins in the world, the GAB spans over one fifth of the Australian continent, nourishing inland communities and diverse […]

6 more reasons to visit Outback Queensland in 2020

If you’re the person in your friendship group who likes to try new things before anyone else has even heard of them, it’s time to add Outback Queensland to your travel list. 2019 may have been the Year of Outback Queensland Tourism, but the good times will keep rolling in 2020, with six new experiences […]

Your ultimate accommodation guide: the best places to stay in Outback Queensland

Whether you're roughing it or relaxing in a retreat, we've got your sleeping arrangements sorted with these Outback Queensland accommodation options.

7 places to tie the knot in Outback Queensland

Bride and Grooms from all over the country are tracking to Outback Queensland for an unforgettable wedding in an unforgettable location.

Your wellness guide to Outback Queensland

What do Artesian Spas, tough triathlons, and scenic sunsets have in common? They all increase the endorphin levels, whether it be from relaxation, exercise, or beauty - not to mention you can find them all in Outback Queensland.

Is this the most legendary road trip in Outback Queensland?

Embarking on any Outback Queensland road trip is an adventure like no other, but there’s one route that could take the cake. It’s long, it’s epic and the best part, it straddles the Outback south and North Queensland coast. Titled the ‘Journey of the Gulf Savannah’ by Outback Aussie Tours, this whopping 14 day itinerary […]