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Dreamtime Culture – Indigenous Experiences in Outback Queensland

Ancient lands, ancient stories – Outback Queensland offers unique Indigenous experiences across the entire region. Learn about Aboriginal culture first-hand with tours and attractions that provide real insights into the past and present. There’s more demand than ever for authentic cultural experiences that celebrate the First Nations of Queensland. Here are a few ways you […]

How to Win a Million Dollars in the Outback in 2024

If a visit to Outback Queensland has been on your bucket-list for some time, let us give you a million reasons to visit in 2024: The Outback Queensland Masters is returning and tickets are on sale NOW! Whether you’re an amateur golfer, social player or a first-time swinger, grab your clubs and head west for […]

Outback Road Trip to Charlotte Plains and Cunnamulla

Pack the kids and the car! Escape the hustle and bustle of city life and see the best of Outback Queensland. Experience an unreal and fun family adventure from Brisbane to Cunnamulla, including a farm stay at Charlotte Plains! A perfect trip for the whole family to enjoy a taste of Outback life.   Brisbane to […]


22 NEW REASONS TO VISIT THE OUTBACK IN 2022 There’s even more to explore in Queensland’s backyard in 2022! If you’re the person who likes to try new things before anyone else has even heard of them, it’s time to add Outback Queensland to your travel list. Whether you come by road, rail or air, […]

8 Top Family Camping Spots in Outback Queensland

EIGHT TOP FAMILY CAMPING SPOTS IN OUTBACK QUEENSLAND When you’re on a driving holiday with kids camping is the way to go. Kids love sleeping in the great outdoors and it’s excellent for parents too. Pitching your tent under the stars is a fun and affordable way to connect and immerse the whole family in […]

7 outback national parks to put on your bucket list

If you thought Outback Queensland was simply red dirt as far as the eye can see, think again.   With lush forest, waterways, towering sandstone and deep gorges, you can find over 20 national parks dotted throughout the 901,574km2 of outback landscape – when you know where to look.   Don a bit of khaki and an Akubra and set your GPS west, you’re heading on an […]

Seven Farm Stay Stations for Families in Outback Queensland

Look Mummy – there’s a nose coming through the fence! It snorts and sniffs, and my youngest child is concerned. I reassure him, “He’s just checking you are friendly and safe.” Unfortunately, I’ve had no time to investigate this sniffing beast and prepare to answer my son’s next question, “How do you know it’s a […]

Soaking in Outback Queensland

I breathe in deep and make a wish, my third tonight. Above, an effervescent green and yellow glow blazes through a million stars set against the velvet black sky. I dare not close my eyes; the scene is too dazzling to miss a mere millisecond. The serenity envelopes me and I wriggle my toes in […]

5 ways to stay warm this winter in Outback Queensland

By Sally Bird There’s no doubt Outback Queensland is home to scorching summer days; our very own Birdsville taking out the title for Queensland’s hottest day at 49.5°C back in December 1972. But don’t let the thermometer-breaking days fool you – come mid-year, temperatures can drop below the zero mark in Outback Queensland. Early mornings […]

Find your perfect Outback road trip

Choosing which road to take in an area that’s over twice the size of California (901,575km2 to be precise), can be a little overwhelming at the best of times. Throw in niche interests like dinosaurs, endurance events and pioneering history, and the decision of which of the nine drive routes you’re going to take becomes […]

10 things to do in Cunnamulla

If you trace your fingers along a map of the Matilda Way and Adventure Way, they’ll meet each other in Cunnamulla. Whether you’re heading from Melbourne to the Gulf or Brisbane to South Australia, this outback town will end up in your travel agenda. Perched on the banks of the Warrego River, you’ll find Cunnamulla 780km west […]

5 days following the Natural Sciences Loop

The Natural Sciences Loop has it all – wildlife, gems, dinosaurs, stars, natural remedies, and hectares upon hectares of natural beauty. It starts in Charleville, through Cunnamulla, Eulo, Thargomindah and onto Eromanga and Quilpie before sending you back to Charleville.

A bird enthusiast’s guide to Cunnamulla

Located 206km from Charleville and 750km from Brisbane, there’s a town by the name of Cunnamulla and it’s bursting with birdlife. Home to 57 varieties and over 201 species of Australian native birds, Cunnamulla is the dictionary definition of a twitcher’s paradise. Built on the banks of the Warrego River, the town is a natural […]

6 things to do on school holidays in Outback Queensland

Scrap the beach and spend your school holidays in Outback Queensland. There's plenty to see and do, and the kids might learn a thing or to!