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Pride of the Murray – An Australian Icon Comes Back to Life

The Pride of the Murray has been salvaged; a Restoration Fund is in place to help bring her back to heritage condition.

Stockmans Hall of Fame and Outback Heritage Centre

Longreach – 1,179km north-west from Brisbane Retrace their footsteps and celebrate the lives, work and achievements of Australia’s stockmen and women at the award-winning Stockman’s Hall of Fame and Outback Heritage Centre. Through its huge collection of heritage memorabilia and interactive displays the museum shares the fascinating stories of the many different people who lived […]

9 Outback Characters to Meet in Longreach

1. Your stagecoach driver There’s always a smiling face to welcome you aboard the Cobb & Co stagecoach. Take your seat and then you’re off on an unforgettable ride through the bush on the old Longreach-Windorah mail route. All of the Outback Pioneers stagecoach drivers are expert horse-handlers and have a wealth of knowledge to […]

Dreamtime Culture – Indigenous Experiences in Outback Queensland

Ancient lands, ancient stories – Outback Queensland offers unique Indigenous experiences across the entire region. Learn about Aboriginal culture first-hand with tours and attractions that provide real insights into the past and present. There’s more demand than ever for authentic cultural experiences that celebrate the First Nations of Queensland. Here are a few ways you […]

Outback heritage at Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame

Journey through Australia’s Outback heritage in Longreach The Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame is a spectacular history museum featuring immersive and interactive experiences and takes you on an immersive journey through the ‘Long Paddock’, exploring a selection of key themes, characters and events that have shaped Australia’s outback heritage. This story is told through the […]

The Bigger The Better: Big Things of Outback Queensland

There's no doubt that Australia has an obsession with big things; after all, Australia is a VERY BIG country and Outback Queensland has many BIG things to fill it!


22 NEW REASONS TO VISIT THE OUTBACK IN 2022 There’s even more to explore in Queensland’s backyard in 2022! If you’re the person who likes to try new things before anyone else has even heard of them, it’s time to add Outback Queensland to your travel list. Whether you come by road, rail or air, […]

New 2022 Events and Festivals

EVENTS GALORE IN 2022! It’s not just Outback Queensland’s attractions and experiences that are popping up in 2022 – the Outback calendar is also jam-packed with quirky outback events. Along with Outback Queensland’s major annual events, here are five fantastic new events launching or returning in 2022. ORCHESTRAL LUMINESCENCE, 17 March 2022 Set amongst the […]

The 2022 Road to Rodeo Longreach Buckle List

The ultimate Buckle List for Road to Rodeo Longreach has just dropped, so grab your boots and hat, it’s time to country! Boots, belts, buckles, a sense of adventure and a love of country are at the start of the Road to Rodeo Longreach MUST DO list (we call this the Buckle List, obvs). The home […]

8 Top Family Camping Spots in Outback Queensland

EIGHT TOP FAMILY CAMPING SPOTS IN OUTBACK QUEENSLAND When you’re on a driving holiday with kids camping is the way to go. Kids love sleeping in the great outdoors and it’s excellent for parents too. Pitching your tent under the stars is a fun and affordable way to connect and immerse the whole family in […]

Fantastic Birds and Where to Find Them, Part #2

Painted Honey Eater – Grantiella picta Meliphagidae The male medium-sized honeyeater would fit right in with a gaggle of Emperor Penguins, sporting a similar black and white suit and yellow trim.  And real men do wear pink bills……  The duller, streak-less girls must get very excited at his arrival in mating season! As Mistletoe fruit […]

A first timer’s guide to Outback Queensland

First time to Outback Queensland? Here's a guide on how to make the most of your first time out west!

Fantastic Birds and Where to Find Them, Part #1

When thinking “outback” you could be forgiven for not imagining much else but vast stretches of ‘nothingness’, red dirt and sheep or cattle.  We love to dispel all sorts of myths and misconceptions about the outback and the lack of birdlife is one of them! The great Queensland Outback is one of the most “alive” places […]

Outback Pioneers in Longreach

Where to stay in Longreach to be at the heart of the Outback Pioneering story If you really want to experience the story of Longreach, choose accommodation that puts you right in the heritage heart of town and brings the pioneer story to life. That’s exactly what you’ll find at The Staging Post, created by […]

6 wildlife to spot in Outback Queensland

With kilometres upon kilometres of untamed wilderness, it's no surprise that Outback Queensland is a wildlife oasis for animals big and small. Here's your guide to the top six wildlife to spot.

6 road trips that’ll have the kids forgetting the beach

  Let’s be honest; you don’t ever hear the kids screaming, “Muuum not another beach holiday, please!” But what if patting a dinosaur, learning to crack a stockwhip, or sitting in the cockpit of a 747 aircraft was on their radar? Hide the boogie boards, queue the playlist and stock up on snacks for a […]

Four reasons why kids love the Qantas Founders Museum

When visiting Longreach with the kids, be sure to visit the Qantas Founders Museum. Not only will it educate the younger generation on Australia’s aviation history and what life was like before planes were commonplace, but they will have so much fun that they won’t want to leave!  Here are the top four reasons why […]

Seven Farm Stay Stations for Families in Outback Queensland

Look Mummy – there’s a nose coming through the fence! It snorts and sniffs, and my youngest child is concerned. I reassure him, “He’s just checking you are friendly and safe.” Unfortunately, I’ve had no time to investigate this sniffing beast and prepare to answer my son’s next question, “How do you know it’s a […]

8 ways to survive an Outback Queensland summer

If there was any doubt that an Outback Queensland summer is smokin’ hot - a quick glance at a thermometer settles all bets. Here's some tips to cool down.

Soaking in Outback Queensland

I breathe in deep and make a wish, my third tonight. Above, an effervescent green and yellow glow blazes through a million stars set against the velvet black sky. I dare not close my eyes; the scene is too dazzling to miss a mere millisecond. The serenity envelopes me and I wriggle my toes in […]

5 best fishing spots in Outback Queensland

Planning your next fishing trip? We can assure you Outback Queensland has some reel hot spots! Cast your eyes over these top 5 fishing spots.

10 Reasons to visit the Qantas Founders Museum in 2020

If there was ever a time to visit the Qantas Founders Museum in Outback Queensland, 2020 is the year. Here are ten good reasons why…. 1. How, where and why? Qantas Founders Museum, Longreach, tells the story of Australia’s national airline, Qantas, from its modest beginnings in Outback Queensland to present day. In 2020, Qantas […]

6 more reasons to visit Outback Queensland in 2020

If you’re the person in your friendship group who likes to try new things before anyone else has even heard of them, it’s time to add Outback Queensland to your travel list. 2019 may have been the Year of Outback Queensland Tourism, but the good times will keep rolling in 2020, with six new experiences […]

6 Outback Queensland golf courses you must try

You may have heard of the US Open or PGA Tour, but there is a new golfing event on the block called the Outback Queensland Masters, Australia’s most remote golf series. Connect with Queensland’s outback spirit of adventure, play six of the most unique courses in the world, be entertained by outback tales and live music […]

Outback luxury: 5 luxurious places to stay in Outback Queensland

The outback might be best known as a place to pitch a tent, unroll a swag and boil a billy, but take it from us, it’s not just a camper’s playground.   If you prefer a few stars with your accommodation rating, the outback will surprise you with boutique accommodation offerings that prove outback luxury is alive and […]

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