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6 New Things to See and Do in Charleville

Charleville screams adventure! Whether you’re stargazing at the Cosmos Centre, fishing on the banks of peaceful rivers, visiting the cute and cuddly wildlife or enjoying a delicious morning tea on a fully working date plantation, there really is something for everyone! Add these new Charleville region experiences to your Outback Queensland must-do list.  WWII Secret Base Enlist in the […]

Local Shows in Outback Queensland

The following is a list of local show events in Outback Queensland in 2023 (current as at 1 March 2023 – subject to change):

30 Reasons to Love Tambo Teddies

Have you ever visited the teddy capital of Australia? If you haven’t, then you better pack the car and get tracking to the outback town of Tambo, where the famous Tambo Teddies have called home since 1993. In celebration of the 2023 Tambo Teddies 30th Anniversary, here are 30 reasons to love these cuddly little creatures. […]

Nullawokka First Nations Gallery & Tours

Bollon – 610km south-west from Brisbane Based in Bollon’s 140-year-old historic post office building, Nullawokka First Nations Gallery offers cultural tours, genuine Indigenous artworks, gifts, souvenirs and delicious bush tucker to take home as a reminder of your visit to Outback Queensland. Nullawokka, meaning ‘black tracks’, is owned and operated by proud Gwamu elder Bill […]

The Big Rig

Roma – 479km west from Brisbane Have fun and learn about the origins of Australia’s multi-billion-dollar oil and gas industry at the amazing Big Rig! Along with original machinery, early rigs and the ‘Oil Patch’ prize challenge for the kids, you can climb the 40-metre tower for incredible views of the Outback landscape and enjoy […]

4 Places to stay around Carnarvon Gorge

Imagine a national park filled with grassy plains, tranquil creeks flowing through lush forest, and giant rocky arches and cliffs – don’t just dream about it, find it in this sandstone sanctuary, Carnarvon Gorge. It’s hidden away in the Central Highlands (inland from Rockhampton) where the bustling country towns make way for mountain ranges, rocky escarpments and deep gorges. Sleep […]

How to win a million dollars in the Outback in 2023

If a visit to Outback Queensland has been on your bucket-list for some time, let us give you a million reasons to visit in 2023: The Outback Queensland Masters is returning and tickets are on sale NOW! Whether you’re an amateur golfer, social player or a first-time swinger, grab your clubs and head west for […]

The Bigger The Better: Big Things of Outback Queensland

There's no doubt that Australia has an obsession with big things; after all, Australia is a VERY BIG country and Outback Queensland has many BIG things to fill it!


22 NEW REASONS TO VISIT THE OUTBACK IN 2022 There’s even more to explore in Queensland’s backyard in 2022! If you’re the person who likes to try new things before anyone else has even heard of them, it’s time to add Outback Queensland to your travel list. Whether you come by road, rail or air, […]

Fantastic Birds and Where to Find Them, Part #2

Painted Honey Eater – Grantiella picta Meliphagidae The male medium-sized honeyeater would fit right in with a gaggle of Emperor Penguins, sporting a similar black and white suit and yellow trim.  And real men do wear pink bills……  The duller, streak-less girls must get very excited at his arrival in mating season! As Mistletoe fruit […]

Fantastic Birds and Where to Find Them, Part #1

When thinking “outback” you could be forgiven for not imagining much else but vast stretches of ‘nothingness’, red dirt and sheep or cattle.  We love to dispel all sorts of myths and misconceptions about the outback and the lack of birdlife is one of them! The great Queensland Outback is one of the most “alive” places […]

6 wildlife to spot in Outback Queensland

With kilometres upon kilometres of untamed wilderness, it's no surprise that Outback Queensland is a wildlife oasis for animals big and small. Here's your guide to the top six wildlife to spot.

Scrub up at Eulo’s Artesian Mud Baths

Visitors from far and wide flock to Queensland’s Outback in numbers to seek the warmer weather during the cooler months. It’s not only the temperature that causes this mass migration phenomenon, the sounds of country music at The Big Red Bash and Eulo’s local music festival Music In the Mulga add to this fly-in of […]

The Wacky, the Weird and the Wonderful of Outback Queensland

Whether you’re a history buff, an adventurous bushwalker or a sports fanatic, everyone loves to check out something ‘different’. Here’s 10 of Outback Queensland’s wacky, weird and wonderful things that you should add to your trip. 1. World War II Underground Hospital in Mount Isa While it may resemble a hobbits home in Middle-earth, this […]

7 outback national parks to put on your bucket list

If you thought Outback Queensland was simply red dirt as far as the eye can see, think again.   With lush forest, waterways, towering sandstone and deep gorges, you can find over 20 national parks dotted throughout the 901,574km2 of outback landscape – when you know where to look.   Don a bit of khaki and an Akubra and set your GPS west, you’re heading on an […]

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