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6 New Things to See and Do in Charleville

Charleville screams adventure! Whether you’re stargazing at the Cosmos Centre, fishing on the banks of peaceful rivers, visiting the cute and cuddly wildlife or enjoying a delicious morning tea on a fully working date plantation, there really is something for everyone! Add these new Charleville region experiences to your Outback Queensland must-do list.  WWII Secret Base Enlist in the […]

New 2022 Events and Festivals

EVENTS GALORE IN 2022! It’s not just Outback Queensland’s attractions and experiences that are popping up in 2022 – the Outback calendar is also jam-packed with quirky outback events. Along with Outback Queensland’s major annual events, here are five fantastic new events launching or returning in 2022. ORCHESTRAL LUMINESCENCE, 17 March 2022 Set amongst the […]

The 2022 Road to Rodeo Longreach Buckle List

The ultimate Buckle List for Road to Rodeo Longreach has just dropped, so grab your boots and hat, it’s time to country! Boots, belts, buckles, a sense of adventure and a love of country are at the start of the Road to Rodeo Longreach MUST DO list (we call this the Buckle List, obvs). The home […]

Cloncurry, home of the 2021 Australian Survivor TV Series

Everything you need to know about Cloncurry,home of the 2021 Australian Survivor TV Series Everything you need to know about Cloncurry, home of the 2021 Australian Survivor TV Series It’s the little Outback Queensland town with a gutsy big past, but for most Australians, Cloncurry is about to go on record as the mightiest backdrop […]

6 road trips that’ll have the kids forgetting the beach

  Let’s be honest; you don’t ever hear the kids screaming, “Muuum not another beach holiday, please!” But what if patting a dinosaur, learning to crack a stockwhip, or sitting in the cockpit of a 747 aircraft was on their radar? Hide the boogie boards, queue the playlist and stock up on snacks for a […]

Drive Outback Queensland – Explore Queensland’s Backyard

If you’re thinking about a trip to Outback Queensland, this is your year. 2021 is set to be the year of Australian travel, and there’s no place better than the Queensland Outback. It has stunning and unique natural landscapes and holds our most diverse and unique history. From sacred indigenous sites to the spectacular sandstone […]

8 Things To Do In Barcaldine

At first glance, Barcaldine, or Barcy (pronounced Bark-y) as she’s known to locals, has very little to do with a tree's bark, beyond the famous Tree of Knowledge.

9 things you didn’t know about the Outback sky

You don’t have to travel to a galaxy far, far away to discover the Milky Way. Just 745km from Brisbane, you’ll find Charleville, the star-studded capital of Outback Queensland.    As the only observatory in Outback Queensland, Charleville’s Cosmos Centre and Observatory takes advantage of the outback’s clear skies, with no city lights and pollution to cloud what lies between you and the stars.   To get you […]

7 camping spots along the Sunset Way

Nestled in the south east pocket of Outback Queensland, there’s a stretch of bitumen that’s known for its afternoon shows. Follow the candy coloured dusks along the Sunset Way, a 1.5-hour tourist drive that takes you west through a string of tiny towns from Tara to Surat.

3 Hidden Worlds to Discover in Outback Queensland

If you’re longing to get off the beaten track and experience an outback journey, take the road less travelled to Outback Queensland’s hidden worlds.

Overland Travel: Driving The Overlander’s Way from Townsville to Mt Isa

Go from the beach to bush with this outback road trip.

15 of the best places to experience an Outback menu

Feeling hungry? Here's our favourite outback bakeries, pubs and restaurants to fuel up at.

5 reasons to find your piece of paradise at Adels Grove

North west of Mount Isa, stay at Adels Grove to explore Boodjamulla (Lawn Hill) National Park - a dream outback oasis.

5 reasons to fly to Outback Queensland

Save time on your Outback Queensland holiday when you fly with Rex Airlines from Brisbane to Birdsville, Cairns to Burketown or Townsville to Longreach.


Cobbold Gorge, a hidden oasis deep in the Gulf Savannah, has developed two new experiences to share even more of Outback Queensland and its stories with visitors from April 2016. Travellers explored the gorge’s landscape from the water during a one hour stand up paddle boarding guided tour, held daily from the 25th to 30th […]

6 Majestic National Park Adventures in Outback Queensland

What do ancient mesas, broken escarpments, red desert landscapes and refreshing waterholes all have in common? You'll find them all in Outback Queensland.

9 4WD tracks to throw some dust up in Outback Queensland

Get off the bitumen and onto the unsealed tracks of Outback Queensland to really see, smell and hear the sounds of life in the bush.