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Family Fossicking Fun in Outback Queensland

GEM HUNTING – FAMILY FOSSICKING FUN IN OUTBACK QUEENSLAND Fossicking for gemstones is one of the most exciting activities for families to do in Outback Queensland. Not only will you experience iconic towns and amazing scenery along the way, you’ll have great fun looking for a gemstone souvenir to take home from your holidays. Speaking […]

5 of the best free family activities in Outback Queensland

File away these boredom-busting free-family activities in Outback Queensland for next time someone says “I’m bored”.

7 unusual town names in Outback Queensland

Outback Queensland is full of its own weird quirks. From out of the ordinary sporting races, acclaimed 5-star chain hotels 200km from the closest town, to bizarre natural phenomena like mirages and Min Min lights – it’s no surprise that Outback Queensland sports some unusual town names too. Here’s the stories behind the names and […]