Lake Dunn Sculpture Trail

Total Distance: 200km

About This Drive

Duration: 1 day (or a couple of days)
Route: Aramac - Lake Dunn - Jericho - Aramac

The Lake Dunn Sculpture Trail is a 200 kilometre art trail along the triangle of roads between Aramac, Lake Dunn and Jericho. Beginning north east of Aramac, it’s well worth seeking out and will give you a very enjoyable full-day drive, or a few days exploring if you wish to experience the trail and local region in more detail.

Lake Dunn Sculpture Trail

Highlight: Created by local artist, Milynda Rogers, the Lake Dunn Sculpture Trail features 40 unique sculptures to hunt out and enjoy. These incredible and diverse sculptures are dotted through the countryside on the road to Lake Dunn and Rangers Valley.

Each sculpture is an artwork which depicts an animal or aspect of Outback life, such as jackaroos on horseback, a koala in a gum tree and an emu and her chicks. Milynda created these incredible and diverse sculptures from rusting recycled and upcycled odds and ends generally sourced from the local area.

Along the Lake Dunn Sculpture Trail you’ll also find the renowned Gray Rock historical site, the wonder of Horsetailer’s Gorge, the mystical Healing Circle and the glorious freshwater Lake Dunn. If you have the time, make sure you also search for “Where’s Wally”, a firm childhood favourite.

How to Get Started
Simply grab a map from the information centre located in Aramac, Lake Dunn or Jericho to get started. The 60 kilometre road section from Aramac to Lake Dunn is sealed and there are a number of sculptures along this section. The remaining 140 kilometre road is unsealed with some corrugated sections and is where you’ll find the majority of the artworks. There’s camping available at Lake Dunn and outside of Aramac, as well.

Top Tip
Pack a picnic and plenty of water and take your time. Enjoy the variety of landscapes as well as the unique sculptures. Known as the ‘Largest Outdoor Art Gallery’ there’s nothing else like it in Australia.

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