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Windorah Nature Drive

Windorah to Windorah

Duration: 1 days / 12km

This Nature Drive has been developed to help people understand and appreciate their region. Their aim is to maintain the area surrounding the Drive in as near natural state as possible. You can either start the drive just out of Windorah and end up at Cooper’s Creek or vice versa. If it is wet, the black soil section of the Drive nearest the Creek can be skipped by following the alternate road after the grid.

The Cooper’s Creek floodplain has a number of distinctly different plant communities, including coolibah woodland, alluvial herb land, lignum shrub land, gidgee open woodland and spinifex grassland. The flat areas of the flood plain adjacent to Cooper’s Creek are usually bare or sparsely vegetated prior to floods. During the floods, the areas are temporarily covered with water. As the water recedes, a dense growth of plants appears.

The main channels are lined with the majestic River Red Gum, Coolibah, River Tea Tree and wattles. Many wildlife species rely on this habitat for homes, food and shelter.

Windorah Nature Drive



Windorah Nature Drive

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The Nature drive is a 12 kilometre dirt track that winds it's way through the red sandy country on the edge of Windorah to the black soil flats of Coopers Creek. Plant species along the route are signposted. The nature drive is suitable for most vehicles. It is also a great walk.