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Boulia Camel Races

Boulia | July 15, 2022

It's Australia's richest camel race, held every July in the spectacular remote town of Boulia in Outback Queensland. It's truly an epic moment as the camels come lumbering down to the finish line - an Outback icon experience to put on your bucket list! The Thirsty Camel Cup is the longest camel race in Australia, run over 1500 metres and is a prized win amongst competitors on Australia's professional camel races circuit. Favourites each year are the hilarious camel tagging competition and the sheep tagging competition for kids. Watch the fearless competitors attempt to put a piece of duct tape on a very lively camel, run back to a marker and then return to get the tape, aiming to do it in the fastest time. In the evenings kick back and enjoy live entertainment. There's plenty to enjoy by the trackside, with yabby races, fireworks, children's amusements and a host of novelty races, including the Great Australian Ride-on Lawnmower Race. It’s an adventure into the land of the mysterious Min Min Light and there's plenty of nights to camp out and hope to see the light! Camp onsite at the event or even choose a luxury clamping experience!

Event Dates

July 15, 2022
July 16, 2022
July 17, 2022


Start: July 15, 2022 End: July 17, 2022


Selwyn Road
Boulia, QLD, 4829