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Outback Queensland was once part of an ancient inland sea; a rich aquatic wonderland filled with marine life.

As the centuries passed, the climate and conditions became ripe for fossil formation which has resulted in the region becoming a rich source of marine, dinosaur and megafauna fossils, from Mount Isa all the way to Eromanga. This fossil material includes many different dinosaurs and several new species – the Eromanga dinosaurs, for example, are Australia’s largest dinosaur – a new discovery!


Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum

Winton – 1,355km west from Brisbane No-one in the world creates dinosaur experiences like Outback Queensland and the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum is among the world’s best paleo-themed adventures. Here you can browse the world’s largest Australian dinosaur fossil collection, learn where and how dinosaur bones are discovered and watch the Preparation Laboratory get […]

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10 things to do in Birdsville

By Sally Bird One of Queensland’s most remote towns is also its most renowned. Birdsville is just as hot on travel bucket lists as its bitumen is in summer (read: over 40 degrees). Perched on the eastern edge of the Simpson Desert, Birdsville is surrounded by vast gibber plains and braided Channel Country. What it lacks […]

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10 Things to do in Charleville

If Outback Queensland was a game of bingo, Charleville would be the winning number. Ticking off every box of ‘things to do’ on the outback bingo board, this is one town that covers all its bases. Sitting pretty at the crossroads of the Warrego Way and the Matilda Way, this small town makes up for […]

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Local Stories

The Australian Workers Heritage Centre

Barcaldine – 1,072km north-west from Brisbane Set within 2 hectares of tranquil landscaped gardens the Australian Workers Heritage Centre documents the ‘Story of the Workers’ paying tribute to (among others) the participants of the 1891 Great Shearers’ Strike which led to the formation of the Australian Labor Party in 1892. Subsequently, the Manifesto of the Queensland […]

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11 Bakeries Worth Stopping for in Outback Queensland

You’re in for a month-watering treat in the Outback! We’ve put together a list of 11 bakeries that we think are worth stopping for in Outback Queensland! Sweets and savouries, fresh bread and rolls, coffee and drinks… there’s bound to be something that takes your fancy. Balamara Bakery – Winton In the main street of […]

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Outback at Isa

Mount Isa – 1,826km north-west from Brisbane Get to know Mount Isa through some of its best attractions at Outback at Isa. This award-winning Visitor Information Centre is a hub for family fun with a huge range of experiences to keep everyone entertained. If you’re on the hunt for dinosaurs stop into the incredible Riversleigh […]

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9 ways to see a Dinosaur in Outback Queensland

Once upon a time, when dinosaurs roamed the land, Outback Queensland resembled a landscape of temperate forest unlike the dusty plains we see today. Fast forward 95 million years and scientists are slowly (and literally) piecing together the bones of Outback Queensland’s history. With a dinosaur trail at its heart, along with exciting discoveries found […]

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Kronosaurus Korner Museum

Richmond – 1,252km north-west from Brisbane The Kronosaurus Korner Museum is another unmissable stop on Outback Queensland’s unique and exciting dinosaur trail. Located in an area that was once an inland sea, the museum is home to marine species, pterosaurs, birds, fish, crustaceans, cephalopods, gastropods, plants, bivalves and echinoderms all found in the Richmond area. […]

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