Itineraries For Your Outback Tours – Inspiration Starts Here!

The Queensland outback is vast and variable. A land of rugged mountains and sweeping plains? This is where that poem found its inspiration.  If you need a little inspiration to create the perfect adventure holidays in Queensland for you, your family or friends, start with one of our tried and true outback tours and itineraries.  A Queensland outback adventure is your chance to live Australia’s story, and to create a story that is all yours.  Where will your story begin?

Walk in the footsteps of the dinosaurs

This 4 day adventure starts 110km south-west of Winton with a visit to the Dinosaur Stampede at Lark Quarry Conservation Park. Discover the world’s first evidence of a dinosaur stampede and be mesmerized by ancient tales of hunters and the hunted.  Be part of the scientific detective story, with 95 million year old footprints as your clues. Travel through Winton to nearby Hughenden, visiting museums and fossil exhibitions. Grab a fossickers’ map and discover treasures of your own.  Queensland has made world-class contributions to the study of dinosaurs thanks to the unique preservation qualities of our outback landscape. Be part of it! Read the Ancient Outback Itinerary

Life on the land – Queensland heritage comes alive

Outback Queensland has an impressive natural history but it’s also celebrated for the achievements and adventures of its pioneers – stockmen, aviators and entrepreneurs like Cobb & Co who opened up routes to the west.  This itinerary invites you to learn more about Australia’s story through the eyes of early settlers and the resourceful local heroes and legends.  From the Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame to the QANTAS Founders Museum to Kinnon & Co’s pioneer experiences, discover the people who built the Australia we know today. Start your story in Longreach before travelling to Barcaldine and Blackall, where traditional pubs meet political landmarks. Want to know what lies beyond the Black Stump?  This is where you find out.

A life less ordinary. Timeless landscapes and endless sky

You may choose an outback adventure that’s all about the senses.  Marvel at the colours and textures of precious gemstones in Quilpie, home of the Jewel of the Outback, a beautiful boulder opal. Go four wheel driving  through the boundless landscapes of Outback Queensland and picnic on the edge of the desert.  Visit Charleville with its stunning Cosmos Center and Observatory to put that endless sky into context. Finish your 4 day adventure in Cunnamulla where a self-guided river walk, kayaking and fishing help you connect with the land and feel a million miles away from city stresses. Experience the Corner Country Stories Drive

Be where it’s at. Events in Outback Queensland

If relaxation to you means events and entertainment, rather than reclining by a river, you’ll want to create an outback story that puts you at the centre of the action. Outback Queensland is home to some of Australia’s most famously quirky events – like The Big Red Bash in Birdsville. This 2 day music festival has been described as the most spectacular outdoor event in Austalia, as big name headliners rock out in front of a 40m high sand dune on the edge of the Simpson Desert.  This is one of the most remote areas of outback Queensland, so make the most of the adventure with a helicopter flight or unforgettable camping experience. Join other concert-goers to cool off at the iconic Birdsville pub before heading back for more pumping festival vibes.

There’s so much more to adventure holidays in Queensland than you imagine!

If dining out is an important part of your story, Outback Queensland has plenty of top food options to keep you fuelled, and maybe a little fascinated. In fact, when touring Outback Queensland, make sure you bring your taste buds along for a unique foodie experience.