10 Reasons to visit the Qantas Founders Museum in 2020

If there was ever a time to visit the Qantas Founders Museum in Outback Queensland, 2020 is the year. Here are ten good reasons why….

1. How, where and why?

Qantas Founders Museum, Longreach, tells the story of Australia’s national airline, Qantas, from its modest beginnings in Outback Queensland to present day. In 2020, Qantas turns 100 and where better to learn about the extraordinary history of Qantas than at Qantas Founders Museum.

2. It’s party time!

There was no way we were going to let the Centenary of Qantas pass us by without a big party and instead of having one, Qantas Founders Museum will be celebrating the Qantas Centenary with a number of events, check out the program below:

Local Community Airpark Roof Launch – Saturday 2 May 2020
Our local community is invited to explore the Museum’s new Airpark Roof.

Red & White Gala – Saturday 20 June 2020
The official opening and celebration of Qantas Founders Museum’s new Airpark Roof and spectacular Light and Sound Show.

Celebration of the Qantas Centenary Fly In – Friday 14 to Sunday 16 August 2020
This weekend is designed for general aviators and enthusiasts alike to fly to Longreach, celebrate the centenary of Qantas and explore the many wonders of our outback town.

October Centenary Gala Weekend – Friday 2 to Sunday 4 October 2020
A weekend of festivities, community activities and special events including an exclusive 1920s gala dinner on Friday 2nd October.

Qantas Centenary Birthday Week – Monday 16 November to Sunday 22 November 2020
A week of activities to celebrate the Qantas centenary.

Celebrating the Centenary of Qantas Exhibition Series– January to December 2020

The Celebration of the Qantas Centenary Program of Events is funded under the Year of Outback Tourism Events Program.

Tickets for the Celebration of the Qantas Centenary events will be available from early 2020. Check out the Museum’s website for more details.

3. Airpark Roof

Since September 2019, Qantas Founders Museum’s Aeroplane Enclosure has been undergoing a radical change with the construction of the $11.3 million roof to protect the Museum’s iconic Boeing 747, Boeing 707, Super Constellation and DC-3 as well as visitors touring the Airpark during the day. The Airpark will also be used as an all weather venue at night for the Light and Sound Show.

4. One-of-a-kind Light and Sound Show

From May 2020, Qantas Founders Museum will be offering guests a unique and memorable night experience. Using the fuselages of the Museum’s Boeing 747, Boeing 707 and Super Constellation to project onto, this spectacular light and sound show will tell the history of Qantas in an experience not to be forgotten.

5. Meet our Connie

After five years of painstaking restoration, Qantas Founders Museum’s Super Constellation display will be open to the public from May 2020. This display tells the history of the Qantas Constellations and the significant role they played in the airline’s history. The aircraft will be included in the Airpark guided tour of the Museum’s aircraft.

6. And on your left you can see…

From May 2020, Qantas Founders Museum will offer a variety of guided tours of the Museum’s aircraft collection including the Boeing 747 Jumbo jet, Boeing 707 (the first jet Qantas owned), DC-3 and its newest aircraft display Super Constellation. Tours is 2020 will include:
• Airpark Tour – This is a two-hour guided tour of the Boeing 747, Boeing 707, Super Constellation and DC-3. Guests will learn about the history of the aircraft, see the interior of the Boeing 707 and 747 where they will be shown instruments such as the Flight Recorded System (Black Box). Guests will also experience the luxury interior of the Boeing 707 and the new display of the Super Constellation. This tour is available four times a day.
• 747 Wing Walk – This 1.25hr tour with a maximum of six people, gives visitors access to parts of the aircraft not seen on the aircraft tour, including the Boeing 747 cockpit, cargo hold and walking out on the Wing of the aircraft – What an experience, this tour is available four times a day and is only available to guests 12 years or older.
• Platinum Package – This is our premium experience of all the Museum has to offer. The Package starts with a guided tour of the Boeing 747, 707, DC-3 and Super Constellation including a Wing Walk on the Boeing 747 and 707, access to the private rooms of the Boeing 707 and entry to the Boeing 747 cockpit and cargo hold. The tour finishes with an opportunity to enjoy the view from the 9m viewing platform. Total tour time is four hours. After the tour you can explore the Museum, enjoy a meal in our McGinness’ Restaurant and collect your complimentary photo montage from the tour. Museum entry also entitles you to a two day pass.

7. Take a walk back in time into the 1922 National Heritage Listed Qantas Hangar

The early days of Qantas were tough and the airline nearly didn’t make it through. To understand how and why, you should visit the National Heritage Listed Qantas Hangar and enjoy its many displays and artefacts. Better yet join a daily guided tour of the building and listen to your tour guide describe life for an airline in Outback Queensland in the 1920s.

8. Free gift for you and you and you!

2020 is a birthday year and we think you should get a gift too! In 2020, Qantas Founders Museum will be giving selected guests birthday gifts including books, DVDs, free tours and vouchers.

9. Did someone say Centenary Merchandise?

You can’t celebrate the centenary of an airline without taking home a special souvenir and Qantas Founders Museum’s Founders Store has you covered in that department with Centenary caps, coins, home accessories, clothing and more.

10. What about our young aviators?

Planning a trip for the family, don’t worry we have you covered with a number of children’s activities including the 747 Kids Tour, Night at the Museum and the Cadet’s Tour. Check out our events page for information.

This post is sponsored by the Qantas Founders Museum.