10 Things I bet you didn’t know about Outback Queensland, #PART 2

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1] There’s a Drive-In theatre in Jericho

Holding 36 cars (plus walk-ins), the Jericho Drive-In located on Darwin street is perhaps the smallest drive-in theatre in the world! You can check the dates and screenings on the Barcaldine News & Events page or contact our mates at the Alpha Office: (07) 4985 1166 for more information.




2] The kids can board a miniature express train

A perfect experience for families at Roma’s Big Rig that is surrounded by lush green lawn, ducks to feed and friendly locals. Not to mention that the centre offers insight on the oil and gas industry and a light and sound show spectacular that should not be missed!




3] You can spot Purple Headed Fairy Wrens at Adel’s Grove

While Boodjamulla National Park is abundant in a variety of bird species, you’ll more likely encounter the rare purple headed fairy wren at the parks well known camping site – Adel’s Grove! This is a perfect bucket list location for any keen birdwatcher or photographer!



Photo Credit: Australian Wildlife Conserve


4] You can surf in Cunnamulla

No beach? No worries! Sandboarding on the natural dunes is a popular activity in the South West town of Cunnamulla and is suitable for families, backpackers and anyone looking for some extra excitement! Ask a local at the Cunnamulla Fella Centre where to find this secret outback location 😉




5] There is a rare tree you can spot near the Simpson Desert

There are only two regions in the whole of Australia that house the rare endangered Waddi tree! Whilst also known as the Birdsville Wattle, this species can grow up to 18 metres in height and is known to flower after major rainfall. If you’re on the lookout for this beautiful natural flora, adventure across the vast gibber plain areas of the Diamantina; taking some sensational snaps along the way!




6] Outback Queensland is only 1 of 2 places in the world where you can walk on the wing of plane

The wing walk tour at the Qantas Founders Museum in Longreach offers small group tours on the side of a 747 jet! You’ll not only enjoy the most unique view of the aircraft and surroundings, but be taken to the large cargo hold underneath the planes main cabin too. Check out admission prices and other tours at this link.





7] The Woolscour tour in Blackall is the only fully intact steam-powered wool washing plant left in Australia

Situated next to an artesian free flowing bore is the iconic Woolscour Tour just 4kms from the centre of town! Allow your imagination to be captured by the secrets of the steam machine as you and your family gain insight of old time engineering. Join a guided tour any day of the week, or call our mates from the Blackall Visitor Information Centre for more information!





8] You can join a ‘Paddock to Plate’ experience in Julia Creek

If you’ve ever pondered the journey your beef takes from the station to the supermarket, then this is the perfect experience to consider! Make a call to our friendly locals of the Julia Creek Visitor Information Centre to lock in any upcoming ‘Paddock to Plate’ experiences on offer throughout the year.




9] Roma is home to Queensland’s oldest winery.

Established in 1863, the Romaville Winery produces a wide variety of table wines such as Riesling, Viognier, Chenin Blanc, Merlot and Shiraz (just to name a few!). The winery is known to adopt a mixture of traditional and modern methods of handcrafted winemaking to produce its finest bottle!




10] You can watch chickens race at the North Gregory Hotel

That’s right! The North Gregory Hotel in Winton isn’t just famous for the ‘Waltzing Matilda’ verse, but for racing our colourful feathery friends as well! It’s the perfect event before or after a hearty pub meal and dessert with the family.


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Written by Carlie R. Mitchell

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