10 things I bet you didn’t know about Outback Queensland #PART 1

You may have already known that Big Red is the tallest sand dune in the Simpson Desert; or that the Mount Isa Rodeo is one of the biggest events in the Southern Hemisphere….but we bet you didn’t know a few of these experiences which would make a ripper addition to any #OutbackQueensland bucket list!


1] There’s a place called Peacock Park in Mount Isa

The name is as obvious as it sounds! Located close to Lake Moondarra, Peacock Park is famous for the beautiful blue and green bird native from India and has been so for many years! As a short 20-minute drive from Mount Isa, the park is nestled behind the spillway and is a top spot to relax for a BBQ with the family.

Photography by @thegreatescapeaustralia on instagram

2] Eromanga is the furthest town from the sea


Believe it or not, Eromanga is the furthest town from the sea in Australia and home to the Old Royal Hotel, History Centre and the iconic Eromanga Natural History Museum. As a town boasting the largest dinosaur fossil remains discovered in the country, you’ll want to ensure that Eromanga is a part of any great Outback Queensland itinerary.

3] Quamby is a ghost town 364 days of the year

The quaint old Quamby Pub which is the sentimental remains of Quamby, has been closed for years; but invites travellers close to its doors in the last weekend of July. The town comes alive during the annual family-friendly Quamby rodeo that began almost 10 years ago, in 1997. If you’re not a fan of the warm summer months, you can be safe to add this one to your winter eventures list!

Photo by: Under an Australian Sky

4] More than 25 mountain ranges make up the ‘Sandstone Wonders’ region.

Gaping valleys, striking plains, deep gorges, rocky outcrops and flowing, freshwater streams are a natural fragment of the many mountain ranges in the beautiful Banana Shire. Take advantage of the free camping spots so you can explore the region longer (You won’t be disappointed!).

5] The Currawinya National Park encounters birdlife from around the world!

That’s right, the Currawinya National Park located near Hungerford contains two large lakes which are important breeding and refuge sites for a spectacular array of migrating waterbirds. As some species are migrants from overseas, it’s certainly the place to be for any enthusiastic bird watcher!

6] A rare shrimp fossil was recently discovered in Richmond

You’ll certainly dig this fact! A rare shrimp fossil was dug up in the Richmond area recently that detailed body segments, tail spines and legs! While it may be too late to throw this beauty on the barbie (1000 million years too late in fact…), the fossil was well preserved when discovered in a local paddock. The fossil is now an exceptional addition to the prehistoric marine collection that can be viewed with the kids at Kronosaurus Korner.

7] The Flinders River is the longest in Queensland

At approximately 1,004 kilometres long, this river alongside Hughenden was named in honour of explorer, Matthew Flinders. If you’re an early morning riser, we suggest enjoying a walk along the river banks for an unforgettable outback sunrise anytime of the year!

8] You may spot a small rare creature called a Dunnart in Julia Creek

Described as ‘lean, mean and rarely seen’, the Dunnart is about the size of a large mouse and well known to the locals of the McKinlay area. If you spot a mouse like creature at night with sharp-dog like teeth (we’re not kidding), then you’ll be proud to say you have seen one of these rarely encountered creatures. Intrigued? You can read more about these little guys at this link: http://www.juliacreekdunnart.com.au/

9] Longreach is the home of Australia’s only Cobb & Co Stage Coach Experience

Not only is it the closest feeling you’ll get to the pioneering past, but a Cobb & Co Stage Coach ride is proudly run by the local Kinnon family in the heart of Outback Queensland. As a family friendly experience, you’ll be sure to entertain the kids with the old time photo shoot, a classic Australian movie and delicious smoko that is offered alongside the tour!

10] There’s a large concrete wall in Winton made up of everyday household items

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure! The modern wonder of art and architecture known as Arno’s Wall contains almost every household item you can imagine. Want an intriguing photo for your instagram feed? Just take a short walk around the back of the iconic North Gregory Hotel to find it!

How many did you know?

Written by Carlie R. Mitchell