10 things to do in Cunnamulla

Cunnamulla | 10 things to do in Cunnamulla

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If you trace your fingers along a map of the Matilda Way and Adventure Way, they’ll meet each other in Cunnamulla.

Whether you’re heading from Melbourne to the Gulf or Brisbane to South Australia, this outback town will end up in your travel agenda.

Perched on the banks of the Warrego River, you’ll find Cunnamulla 780km west of Brisbane and 140km north of the New South Wales border.

This town was once where bullock teams passed through and shearers spilled from bar windows; but today the small town is known for its natural outback beauty and outback hospitality.

Here are ten things to do in Cunnamulla.


1. Visit the Cunnamulla Fella

Cunnamulla Fella | 10 things to do in Cunnamulla

Paying tribute to the region’s pastoral heritage, Aussie icon Slim Dusty often wandered the streets of Cunnamulla and popularised the tune, Cunnamulla Fella.

In tribute to the well-known outback song, the giant Cunnamulla Fella in the centre of town is hard to miss.


2. Find endless fun at the Warrego River

The Warrego River is much more than a place for fishing fanatics. You can go birdwatching, kayaking, fishing, yabbying and top it off with a swim.

If you’re after a more relaxing time in town, kick back on the banks or unwind with a stroll along the dirt 1.6km Warrego River Walk for a lazy afternoon and check out the local flora and fauna.


3. Make mates with Skippy

Cunnamulla | 10 things to do in Cunnamulla

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If you’re wanting to spot a kangaroo on your outback trip, Cunnamulla is the place to be.

With approximately 950 roos per person in Cunnamulla, this town takes home the title of ‘Outback Queensland’s largest roo population’.

Be wary while driving around Cunnamulla as these mates often hop, skip and jump near the roads, so check out these safety tips here.


4. Meet megafauna at Eulo

Ever wondered if the Australian bunyip was fact or fiction? It’s said that the mythical creature may be a cultural memory of a Diprotodon, a species of Australian megafauna and the largest marsupial ever discovered. Guess what? If you’re looking for one, you’ll find their fossilised remains a short 69km trip up the road in Eulo.

Megafauna evolved after the dinosaur era; although extinct, you can still see their decedents like roos, crocs and wombats today.

Want to get digging? You can help dig for megafauna in Eulo with the help of the Eromanga Natural History Museum who run five day long dig experiences in each August.


5. Get fossicking in Yowah

Make the 160km trip to Yowah for the chance to walk around a living opal gallery.

You’ll find all forms of opal in Yowah, but keep your eyes peeled in the fossicking field for the Yowah nut, a precious opal in siliceous ironstone nodules.

Majority of the town’s residents are small scale opal miners, so if you’re looking for a hot fossicking tip, just ask a local.


6. Fully immerse yourself in typical outback station life

If you’re looking for genuine outback experiences, this place is sure to tick the box. Fully immerse yourself in typical outback station life with a choice of working properties to visit. Get a taste of the Outback life. See sheep shearing (in season) or cattle mustering, go on a water run or help with some of the daily station tasks.

7. Get your nature lover on at Currawinya National Park and Lake Bindegolly

Cunnamulla | 10 things to do in Cunnamulla

#OutbackQueensland photo by @environmental_cowboy

For National Park lovers, Cunnamulla is a great base to discover two of the finest natural encounters in the bush.

Take a day trip to Lake Bindegolly, an important feeding and breeding habitat for over 60 species of waterbirds and one of the most important wetland systems in the south-west.

Or visit one of Queensland’s biggest National Parks, Currawinya National Park and explore Lake Wyara and Lake Numulla, home to some of Australia’s most important inland waterbird habitats.


8. Enjoy festival fun at the Cunnamulla Fella Festival

In August each year, cowboys, bull riders, shearers and stockmen herd to Cunnamulla for a weekend to celebrate outback spirit and heritage.

See how your bush skills scrub up in the Cunnamulla Fella Challenge which includes events in whip cracking, wool rolling and bull riding. Yee-hah.


9. Surf sand dunes

Riddle me this, where would you find sand dunes 850kms from the beach? Find your answer in Cunnamulla.

The climb to the top of the town’s natural sand dunes may be tough but the thrilling rush sliding down will make you want to go again, again and again.

You can hire a sand board through Out the Back Australia on Louise Street.


10. Find your new favourite camping spot at Charlotte Plains Station

Charlotte Plains | 10 things to do in Cunnamulla

#OutbackQueensland photo by @wildheartadventuresaustralia

If you like camping spots with more room to move, take your camper trailer to Charlotte Plains Station.

Here, you can camp waterside and jump straight into the artesian springs from your portable home.

Catch the last rays of light or try spot a shooting star from the comforts of one of the tubs or spring.


Have you been to Cunnamulla?

What did you do there? Let us know in the comments below.


Dennis Paul Meehan

I visited Cunnamulla in my school holidays August 1963, seeing Rellies who lived there then. Have not been back there since then. Had lots of fun

Andy Nichols

Beautiful part of the world Cunnamulla, great locals , great fishing and the beer is always cold. Lived in Quilpie for 2.5 years many years ago and looked forward to the trips to this area.

Outback Queensland

Great locals, great fishing and cold beer sounds like the perfect combo Andy!

Graham Dettrick

I taught there for three years decades ago.


Hi, I’d love to visit once covid19 restrictions are gone.
Are there many walks to do in and around Cunnamulla? My partner and I love bushwalking and nature.
I also noticed someone mention it is great for cycling.

Bryan Henshaw

What about Bowra Station Bird Sanctuary on your doorstep. Surely it should be on your to do list?

Joy Gray

Grew up West of Hungerford and lived in Cunnamulla for 7 years from 1969. My daughter was born there and my eldest son born in Brisbane while living in Cunnamulla.

Ian Bradow

Hello Joy Gray. I note you lived in Cunnamulla from 1969 for 7 years. I worked in the Postoffice 1970 – 72 and joined the Cunnamulla Little Theatre. I also had a wonderful time there. My wife Margaret had our son there, born at the hospital on 7.11.70. I hope to return in early October this year. If you like to contact my email is ianbradow@gmail.com Presently living in Toogoolawah Qld


Hello, I own a golden lab at 19mths old who is such a beautifully natured dog and loves everyone. Except for totally enclosed lands, ie my home address, she is always tethered and never allowed to roam free.
My question is, can I visit your town and it’s surrounds with my pet in tow?
Many regards, Allan

Outback Queensland

G’day Allan,
You sure can visit with your pet. Unfortunately, you will be unable to visit National Parks in the Outback with a pet but other than this the Outback is a very pet-friendly place.


Steve Graham,

….and now you drive big rigs all around the outback.

Harry Mechielsen

Cunnamulla is ideal for bike riding so the bikes came out and we explored the town dropping into various shops, a local opp shop, talked to the locals and enjoyed good old fashioned local hospitality. We also enjoyed a visit to the museum at the information centre, checked out the goats in the holding pens over the bridge and checked out the tree where a robber hid from police.

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