17 must get Instagram shots of Outback Queensland

#OutbackQueensland photo by @april.florence.reese

Planning a trip to Outback Queensland? Bit of a photography buff and love a good Instagram scroll? Want to boast your outback adventures to your mates? If you answered yes to the above questions then you’re in the right place – @outbackqueensland is as photogenic as Miranda Kerr.

Get snapping as you follow this #instaworthy list across the outback.

1. The slopes of the Big Red, Birdsville

#OutbackQueensland photo by @lets_be_adventurers_australia

Big Red, the first of 1,140 parallel sloping dunes in the Simpson Desert, stands at a whopping 40m high. It didn’t get the nickname for nothing, with all of the dunes gleaming a bright red.

Sand tobogganing down the slopes, 4×4 driving along the dunes, and sitting at atop Big Red to watch the spectacular sunset over Birdsville, are must-do’s and awesome Instagram opportunities.

2. Wildlife in their natural habitat

#OutbackQueensland photo by @wildeyeview

Everyone loves a picture of a cute animal, and Outback Queensland has some of the most adorable residents, worth an Instagram mention.

Snap elegant brolgas in flight, emus wandering the streets of town, and cute echidnas crawling along the sides of roads.

Get up close and personal with an endangered bilby at the Save the Bilby Fund in Charleville, see a tiny Julia Creek Dunnart in its namesake town, and head to Cunnamulla where there’s the largest population of ‘roos and wallabies in Outback Queensland.

3. The classic road trip shot

When you visit Outback Queensland, you enter road trip country. Snapping a picture of the seemingly endless roads with a backdrop of flat, vast landscape is a rite of passage for those taking on the great outback tracks.

4. The Caves of Cobbold Gorge

One of Outback Queensland’s best kept secrets, Cobbold Gorge, is both a bucket-list-worthy and Insta-worthy destination that offers plenty of photo opportunities and one of a kind experiences.

Take in the towering sandstone structures of the gorge from boat, SUP, or from above on foot, then relax in the picturesque infinity pool which doubles as Outback Queensland’s first swim up bar!

5. The abandoned Mary Kathleen Mine

#OutbackQueensland photo by @_whereweroam

Ever wondered what an abandoned mine looks like? Head to the deserted town of Mary Kathleen, on the outskirts of Cloncurry, where the remnants of the old mine create an epic image.

6. The Dinosaur’s Digs in Winton

#OutbackQueensland photo by @mywanderingfamily

Check out where the dinosaurs sleep at the Australian Age of Dinosaurs in Winton. Learn about the extinct species, see the laboratory where the fossils are prepared, and observe collections of almost complete dinosaurs. Snap a picture with the giant fossils or explore the Dinosaur Canyon where you can capture an outback landscape and dinosaur replicas that look incredibly real.

7. A sparkling night sky

There’s lots to love about big cities, but when it comes to night skies, the outback shines. You can catch a star-studded show every clear night, packed with milky ways, constellations, and falling stars.

You can even get a closer look at the Cosmos Centre in Charleville which offers night viewings through impressive Meade telescopes. Check out what else you can get up to in Charleville with this 48 hour guide.

8. Adels Grove, Boodjumalla National Park

#OutbackQueensland photo by @the.wildlings

North-west of Mount Isa resides an outback oasis, Adels Grove, deep within Boodjamalla National Park.

You’ll be shocked you’re still in the outback as you capture the emerald hues of the water reflecting the lush greenery upstaging the red rocks.

9. A one of a kind Outback experience

#OutbackQueensland photo by @qantas_founders_museum

There’s something about Outback Queensland, and you won’t find it anywhere else.

Where else can you immerse yourself into a luxurious Artesian Bath ? Check out the Windorah International Yabby Races to watch the eight legged animals crawl their way to the finish line, compete in a dunny derby at the Outback Festival in Winton (yes we’re talking about toilets), and visit one of two places in the world where you can walk on the wing of a plane.

10. A sign you’re in Outback Queensland

#OutbackQueensland photo by @benherron091

Synonymous with ‘road trip country’, Outback Queensland is known for its travelling adventures. Part of those adventures are the wacky signs you’ll come across along the way that remind you how far out ‘woop woop’ you really are.

11. A classic outback sunset

#OutbackQueensland photo by @travelwesttours

There’s something breath-taking about dusk in the outback that leaves those lucky to witness them speechless. Treat yourself to a sunset while in the outback, capture the moment, and let the image do the talking. Need we say more?

12. The rocky cliffs and caves of Carnarvon Gorge

#OutbackQueensland photo by @the.wildlings

Sitting at more than 1,000m above sea level, the Consuelo Tableland in Carnarvon Gorge is the highest plateau in Queensland.

The top offers sweeping views of the rocky cliffs and gorges and the lush valleys in between.

Get amongst the action and explore the towering sandstone structures of the gorge, and snap an image for Instagram while your there.

13. A road train

You don’t see a train on the road everyday! Well, it’s not exactly a train, but rather a long line of massive outback trucks that take over the road while on their way to deliver goods. When you spot them, be sure to give them plenty of room to pass and follow our tips for safe road sharing.

14. The compulsory “can-in-hand” shot

Coldie, bevvo, sundowner, whatever you like to call it, capturing you with a can of gold (XXXX gold to be exact) is a rite of passage when visiting the outback.

15. The windmill shot

#OutbackQueensland photo by @benjamin_crisp

You know you’re in the outback when you pass more windmills than people between towns.

Its an icon of the outback, and a must-get snap. How else will everyone back home know you’re in Outback Queensland?

16. The birds-eye view

The vast landscapes of the outback are spectacular from above, and couldn’t be more different from the blues and greens of the coastline.

Document your trip from start to finish, beginning with a picture from the plane window. Don’t forget to include the wing of the plane just so everyone knows you took a plane.

17. An outback eventure

From the largest rodeo in the southern hemisphere to the most remote music festival in the world, Outback Queensland offers some pretty awesome events.

The one of a kind events are worth a spot on your Instagram feed, and are waiting for you come along, take in the friendly vibes, and enjoy yourself.

Have you been to Outback Queensland? What do you think is the ‘must-get-snap’?