3 Hidden Worlds to Discover in Outback Queensland

We’re going to let you in on a little secret…Outback Queensland is packed with hidden secrets and holidays off the beaten track. Of course, these finding hidden gems is often easier said than done. That’s why you need a guide. Enter Boobook EcoTours, who’ll take you from everyday tourist to intrepid adventure to discover these hidden worlds.

1. Wonders of Wallaroo

If you’ve ever seen The Bridge to Terabithia, you’ll know that hidden worlds are filled with 1) scenic surroundings, 2) mythical creatures, and 3) their guest list is limited to a select few.

Wallaroo is no different.

In fact, you could probably write a book (and film a movie) about this magical land too. The 71,000 acre cattle station in the Carnarvon Ranges is dotted with cycad-filled gorges, Aboriginal art sites, rare trees, wildflowers and rock formations like The Sphinx and Arch Rock.

Scenic surroundings = check.

You can also join Boobook’s experienced ecologists in a cluedo-style search around the property for cryptic creatures like the leaf-tailed gecko. Or, book an extended tour that includes an evening spotlight stroll around the property to spy the gliding possums that call Wallaroo home.

Mythical creatures = check.

Limited to just 12 lucky explorers, you’ll experience first-class country hospitality as you discover the property. Meet the property owners and experience a taste of everyday life on the working farm. Sleep in safari-style tents, participate in camp fire yarns and enjoy outback tucker sprinkled with bush flavour.

Exclusive guestlist = check.

2. Wheat Wells and Wildlife

Just a stone’s throw from Roma lies one of Outback Queensland’s best kept secrets, Wheat Wells. This property is business in the front (it’s a working cropping and grazing farm and coal seam gas producer) and party out the back (it doubles as an ecological haven for native flora and fauna). The best of both worlds, obviously.

Swap long walks on the beach for leisurely strolls through bushland on this day tour, which includes lunch by a spring-fed waterhole lined with red gums. Walk through brigalow, dry rainforest and cypress/ironbark woodlands with professional guides who will point out bottle trees, kurrajongs, and bush tucker plants along the way.

You don’t need to have marathon-fitness either for any of the walking elements. Just keep your eyes peeled to spot wildlife you’ve only ever seen before in captivity, like platypus, wallabies, turtles and goannas.

 3. Wildflower Wander – Gurulmundi

Get yourself to Gurulmundi – one of southern Queensland’s most botanically significant areas. This wildflower hotspot contains more plant species than we’ve had hot dinners, and they’re all growing on the crest of the Great Dividing Range.

Embrace your inner florist as you point out grevilleas, hakeas, wattles, bush peas, boronias, melaleucas, kunzeas, daisies and grass trees with the help of BooBook’s resident botanist.

This is also one of the only spots in Queensland to see the threatened Gurulmundi Heath-myrtle, Gurulmundi Star-flower and Curran’s Wattle – all the more reason to visit this hidden world.

This blog post was sponsored by Bookbook Ecotours

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