5 epic Outback Queensland sunsets

There’re plenty of activities to fill your day in Outback Queensland, but the thrills don’t stop when evening falls.

As the sun goes down, the sunsets come out to play. And trust us, these beauties contain enough pretty pastels to rival a Picasso-piece.

Whether you’re a budding photographer, expert romantic or intrepid adventurer – get yourself to one of these spots that put on a show every night.

1. Big Red

#OutbackQueensland photo by @gregsullavan

Located 37 km from Birdsville, Big Red lives up to its name – it’s 40m in height and bright red. This towering sand dune is the first of 1, 140 in the Simpson Desert and four-wheel driver’s dream. Pack a piece of cardboard to sit on and watch the blazing red sun dip below the Simpson Desert horizon. Or better still, time your visit for the Big Red Bash, when Big Red becomes the set for the world’s most remote music festival.

2. Mt Slowcombe Lookout

Nothing quite says ‘old-school romance’ like gazing over red dirt plains with a private picnic and sunset in sight. For your own Notebook-style rendezvous, you can’t go past Mt Slowcombe Lookout, close to the tiny town of Yaraka. The view takes in the nearby Yang Yang Ranges and surrounding grazing country. Pssst – if you’re looking to pop the question, this could well be the perfect location.

3. Birdsville Billabong

#OutbackQueensland photo by @birdsvillehotel

If you prefer your sunset with a side of seafood, Birdsville Billabong is the place to go. Throw a line in while you watch the sun go down across the water at Pelican Point, which looks particularly insta-worthy against the arid desert backdrop in the afternoons. Birdlife, fish and other Aussie natives will join you to take in the view.

4. Harry’s Hill

Pair your sundowner with a sunset at Boodjamulla National Park atop Harry’s Hill. Here the sun colour-coordinates its daily dance across the skies with the chromas of the red dirt below, playing host to a Crayola set of bright reds, yellows and pinks. The campsite staff run daily afternoon trips to the top, so getting there is easy-peasy.

5. Captain Starlight’s Lookout

#OutbackQueensland photo by @melanie.groves

Captain Starlight’s jaw must have met the floor when he came upon this rocky formation in his bushranger days. Situated 55km north-west of Longreach, the 20-minute scramble to the top of this lookout is well worth your time as the skies put on a candy-coloured performance in the early evenings. And as the light turns to darkness, turn your attention up to the galactic show playing out above you.

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Where is your favourite place to catch the sunset in Outback Queensland?