6 Majestic National Park Adventures in Outback Queensland

Welcome to a selection of the most inspiring and impressive national park 4WD adventures in Outback Queensland. These trips will see you travelling across ancient mesas, gullies and broken escarpments, past red desert landscapes and refreshing waterholes, all home to an assortment of unique birdlife, plants and animals.

Carnarvon National Park

Remotely positioned in Queensland’s highest plateau, travel high into the wilderness to explore the park’s rugged ranges and sandstone cliffs. Be sure to pack a picnic lunch best enjoyed at the top shelter shed while spotting the feathertail gliders and honeyeaters. Stretch your legs on a short walk through to the sculptures at Lot’s Wife, Marlong Arch and The Chimneys. You’ll find this lesser-known National Park two hours north of Roma. 

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Munga-Thirri National Park (Big Red Sand Dune section)

Rev your engine and hold on tight while hurtling 40 metres high on top of Queensland’s iconic sand dune – Big Red. After conquering and ticking this one off your bucket list, enjoy the walk back to the top for a spectacular sunset with a pre-packed cheese and wine platter overlooking the Simpson Desert.

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Bladensburg National Park (Scrammy Gorge section)

Set aside a full day to explore Scrammy Gorge and its original pioneering homestead. Travel 100 kilometres through Mitchell Grass downs, endless claypans and gidgee trees to unveil the township of Winton in the far distance.

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Natural Encounters Drive  

Set off from Boulia to Diamantina National Park, where you can canoe through Hunter’s Gorge and visit Janets Leap Lookout for a bird’s-eye view of Diamantina Gates. Head to Lark Quarry Dinosaur Trackways, the site of the world’s only known dinosaur stampede. Round out your trip via Bladensburg National Park with spectacular views from Scrammy Gorge. One trip, three times the amazement.

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River Junction Drive (through Welford National Park)

Let the Thomson River be your scenic backdrop as you take the drive from Jundah to Windorah, through the majestic Welford National Park and back. Don’t forget your fishing gear, as you’ll have plenty of opportunities to throw in a line as you cross the Thomson River, Barcoo River and Cooper Creek.

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Back Roads to Winton Drive (through Lochern National Park)

They might be back roads, but they’re front of the line when it comes to your next Outback offroad adventure. Start your journey into Queensland’s heartland in Longreach, then follow the scenic back roads to Winton via Lochern National Park, Stonehenge and Jundah. Take a moment to breathe in the expansive views from Swanvale Lookout on the magnificent Johnston Range.

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Pack your camera, binoculars, and sense of adventure and then set off to explore the untouched natural wonders of this great state.

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