6 Outback Queensland golf courses you must try

You may have heard of the US Open or PGA Tour, but there is a new golfing event on the block called the Outback Queensland Masters, Australia’s most remote golf series.

Connect with Queensland’s outback spirit of adventure, play six of the most unique courses in the world, be entertained by outback tales and live music as you dine under the stars of the Milky Way before concluding with the Million Dollar Hole-In-One Challenge in Longreach.

In case you can’t make it to the Outback Queensland Masters? Don’t panic. Grab some mates and head west for your own golfing adventure with this guide to Outback Queensland’s best golf courses.

 1. Roma Golf Course

Roma Golf Course photo via Outback Queensland Masters FB

The longest course on the outback circuit, Roma Golf Course stretches 6,263 metres, with an 18-hole, 72 par course. Make sure you pack some muscle with your driver, as you’ll be taking a swing at three par-five holes exceeding 500 metres.

Prepare to tee off under the watchful gaze of kangaroos and other local wildlife – the golf club’s popular non-paying members.

Make the most of the green grass, because from here you’re heading into red dirt territory.

Roma Golf Club
A: 119 Tiffin Street, Roma QLD 4455

2. Charleville Golf Course

Charleville may be on the banks of the Warrego River, but don’t expect to tackle any water traps around this course.

Get ready for your first lesson at raking a green aka a sand green – you’ll need to pick up a rake and smooth the sand before you putt your ball into the hole.

Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to practice, with alternating sand and grass greens throughout the 18-hole, 72 par course.

Watch out for the par-three 12th hole, with overhanging trees close to the green, you’ll want to strike your ball flush.

Charleville Golf Club
A: May Street, Charleville, Queensland, 4470

3. Longreach Golf Course

Prepare to get your driver, wedge and putter dirty as you work around the 6,000 metre, 18-hole, 72 par course.

Like many other courses in the outback, you’ll find elevated greens and upward not inward bunkers (read: above ground bunkers).

Don’t expect to find the cup in the middle of the green either, in Longreach they move it around frequently.

Make sure you tee-off with a coloured golf ball, if you want to avoid a crow mistaking your ball for a bird’s egg and taking flight with it.

The seventh hole may be a par-three, but the number of recorded hole-in-ones remains low.

Allow enough time to enjoy a coldie at the clubhouse with an outdoor verandah.

Longreach Golf Club
A: Cramsie Muttaburra Road, Longreach, Queensland, 4730

4. Winton Golf Course

One of the shortest courses in the region, Winton serves up a short (nine hole) as well as a long (nine hole) course, which mixes things up for those seeking to tackle a full 18 rounds.

Beware of the waterhole on the fifth hole, known by the locals as Thompsons Pond. From the elevated tee, you’ll need to clear at least 60 metres or your luggage will be 45 grams lighter home.

Make sure you stop by the clubhouse, grab a coldie and shoot the breeze with the locals on the deck.

Winton Golf Club
A: Vindex Street, Winton, Central Queensland, QLD 4735, Australia

5. Boulia Golf Course

By the time you’ve hit Boulia, 1,720km west of Brisbane, you’ll have fine tuned your raking skills, which is lucky as you’ll encounter more sand than grass on this 18-hole, 72 par course.

With a small square, faux grass square mat to tee-off, prepare to chip, wedge and putt yourself along the sandy surface for the length of the 5,550m course.

Of course, if you find yourself off your game, you can always blame it on the Min Min lights.

Boulia Golf Club
A: Winton Road, Boulia, Central Queensland, QLD 4829, Australia

6. Mount Isa Golf Course

Outback Queensland photo via Mount Isa Golf Club FB

Located on the outskirts of Mount Isa, and the only greens within a 770km radius, this 18-hole par 71 course stretches 5,670 metres.

Nestled in the rugged rural landscape, you’ll need to work hard to stay within the boundaries of the narrow course and not lose your ball in the surrounding thick shrub.

Besides the tight boundaries, Mount Isa has some tricky holes to keep you alert – watch out for the elevated green on the par five 13th hole.

Mount Isa Golf Club
A: Off Powerhouse Road, Mount Isa, Central Queensland, QLD 4825, Australia

Have you played golf in Outback Queensland? What are your tips for tackling a round of golf in the outback?