8 reasons why you should visit Lake Moondarra

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Mount Isa might be known for its bucking bulls and hard hat wearing locals, but the town is also affectionately known as the ‘oasis of the outback’ and for good reason.  

Amongst its ochre-red ranges, lies Lake Moondarra, 16km downstream from the Rodeo Capital.  

If you find yourself in The Isa, we’ve got you covered with eight reasons you should visit Lake Moondarra.  

1. It’s a freshwater fisherman’s dream 

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From barra to saratoga to archerfish and cod, you’ll be sure to reel in big catches at Lake Moondarra.  

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2. There’s plenty of room for activities  

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Want to get your hair wetTake your canoe, sail boat or set of skis to make the most of Lake Moondarra’s 23.75km2 playground. 

3. You’ll get outback sunsets over the water  

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If Lake Moondarra wasn’t already a mini haven in the outback, then head to the lake at sunset. You won’t be disappointed by the sunset out here.  

4. You can make friends with the locals 

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Birdwatchers beware – Lake Moondarra plays home to an array of birdlife from pelicans, cormorants to galahs. You can even hang out with the local peacocks, who call the lakeside Peacock Park home.  Chances are you’ll hear them before you see them with their remarkable call.  

5. You can compete for the biggest catch in October

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Mark your diary for the last weekend of October to test your seaman skills at the Lake Moondarra Fishing Classic.   

Once a year, this lake turns from picturesque to packed-out for three days of non-stop fishing action. 

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6. It’s a top spot for an outback afternoon picnic  

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Grab your picnic basket, fill it to the brim with your favourite snacks and head to the lake for an afternoon picnic outback style  

You don’t have to worry about beating others to the same-old sunset spot, you can take your pick from higher lookouts or banks of the lake.  

7It’s also a hiking paradise  

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The action’s not all lakeside, take a walk along its rocky surrounds to take in all of the lake’s and Rodeo Capital’s glory.  

8It’s the best place to cool off in the summer  

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With summer temperatures in this north-west town topping an average of 37?C, you can guess where the locals hang out in ‘The Isa’.  

Have you been to Lake Moondarra? What’s your favourite activity to do there? 

This post is sponsored by the Lake Moondarra Fishing Classic.