9 reasons to sink a coldie at the North Gregory Hotel

Well, let’s be honest, who needs an excuse for an afternoon pot of liquid gold? With warm temperatures year-round in Outback Queensland, there’s nothing better than a cold and refreshing bevvo in an iconic outback pub.

But if you need some convincing as to why you should enjoy a pint at the North Gregory Hotel in Winton, here’re nine reasons:

1. It’s the home of an Australian legend

First built in 1878, the Grand Old Lady was the site of the first public performance of the unofficial Australian anthem ‘Waltzing Matilda’.

So take a seat at the piano, grab a few mates and belt it out like it’s 1895. No pianist talent required – the piano will do all the work for you.

2. You can stay the night

If you’re one to kick on, then no worries. You can make your way upstairs to hit the hay at one of Australia’s most iconic pubs. Take your pick of deluxe and standard queen and twin rooms; fully air-conditioned and heat controlled.

After a night of movie marathoning under the stars or cheering on racing dunnies at one of Winton’s iconic events – you’ll need some well deserved z’s. Make sure to book in advance as we can assure you everyone will want a bed in the North Gregory when it comes to peak season or event time.

3. You won’t go hungry

After a day of road-tripping, dinosaur hunting or music making you can fuel up outback dining style. You’ll find seasonally driven menus and locally reared meats from the Channel Country – they even grow their own fruit and veg in the garden.

Enjoy fine dining in the Daphine Mayo Dining room or pull up a stool at the Horseshoe bar if you don’t want to miss the footy. Ask for the secret cocktail list or enjoy your favourite beer with your meal.

4. You’ll feel like you’re on the set of The Jetsons

There might not be flying cars but the pubs 1950’s art-deco style will make you feel like you’re in a fictional world.

Take a seat in a cherry red arm chair and admire the retro-space décor and the beauty of the momentous building from within.

5. Watch Chicken Run in real life

Why did the chicken cross Winton’s main street? To compete in the North Gregory’s daily chicken races. Watch brightly coloured chickens chase a remote car full of their favourite foods to the finish line.

It’s always a nail biter, so make sure to hold your bev tight. The winner takes half the prize money while the other half goes to a different local charity each week.

And sorry opal fossickers, you can’t make a bet with your discovered gems. Cash only my friends.

6. It’s on the main street

Watch the rest of Winton get on with their day from the bar or your room’s veranda. See travellers from across Australia roll in to explore the town and truckies pit stop on their way across the outback.

It’s only a hop, skip and a jump to the brand new Waltzing Matilda Centre – here you can explore even more about Banjo Patterson’s legacy on Australia and the town of Winton.

7. It has the only elevator within a 500km radius

If you’re road tripping in the outback, you’ve probably forgotten that elevators even exist, with most buildings only being a max height of two floors.

Well at the North Gregory you can say you’ve been in the only elevator in the outback! Bonus for those with heavy luggage or stiff legs from the car ride.

8. You can have a coldie with the locals

In towns like Winton, the world revolves around the local pub. So make the most of your itch for a cold one and brew up a yarn with a local or fellow traveller.

You never know who you might be talking to and you might learn a thing or two that you can’t find in the travel books. If you need some more help planning, check out this 48 hour guide to Winton.

9. It’s the place for secret meetings

Back in the 1920’s secret meetings took place in the pub for an airline which today we now know as Qantas. It was over a few beers that the iconic Australian airline was born. A short while later, Winton hosted the airlines first ever board meeting. Who knows what national icon will come out of this famous pub next?

If you’re looking for more aviation history, take a trip north to Cloncurry to the John Flynn Place Museum or south to Longreach’s Qantas Founders Museum where you can even walk on the wing of a Boeing 747.

Have you been to the North Gregory? Share your story with us!

7Post sponsored by the North Gregory Hotel.