Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum

Winton – 1,355km west from Brisbane

No-one in the world creates dinosaur experiences like Outback Queensland and the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum is among the world’s best paleo-themed adventures.

Here you can browse the world’s largest Australian dinosaur fossil collection, learn where and how dinosaur bones are discovered and watch the Preparation Laboratory get them ready for display.

In the Collection Room, meet ‘Banjo’ a carnivorous Australovenator wintonensis and ‘Matilda’ a sauropod or Diamantinasaurus matildae, two of Australia’s most complete dinosaur skeletons.

Take a walk back through time at Dinosaur Canyon with a trek through a landscape dotted with life-like dinosaur replicas set within their natural habitat; and see the country’s best preserved sauropod footprint track in airconditioned comfort at the March of the Titanosaurs exhibit. The Lark Quarry stampede is also represented here, along with the beginnings of a Cretaceous Garden, the Valley of the Cycads.

If you want to actively participate in a dinosaur dig, then the Museum offers seven-day ‘Dig-A-Dino’ Experience with accommodation and meals included.

The Museum is also one of the country’s best spots to view the night sky from Australia’s first International Dark-Sky Sanctuary – the giant-meteorite-shaped, open top Gondwana Stars Observatory.

Gather the family and watch this video created by for a preview of this thrilling dinosaur extravaganza.

Planning a dino-themed adventure? Visit our Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum page for travel information, accessible friendly facilities, and more.