The Bigger The Better: Big Things of Outback Queensland

There’s no doubt that Australia has an obsession with big things; after all, Australia is the world’s sixth largest nation, and has over 200 “Big Things” to see. Outback Queensland has plenty of iconic and memorable big things to keep the whole family entertained, so get your selfie A-game on and hit the road.

How many of these iconic BIG attractions have you ticked off your #OutbackQueensland bucket list?

Australia’s Biggest Dinosaur

Town: Eromanga

Adventure to the ‘furthest town from the sea’ to the town of Eromanga and visit the Eromanga Natural History Museum to see ‘Cooper’, a 95-98 million-year-old titanosaur, the nation’s largest dinosaur. The experts tell us that ‘Cooper’ once stood 30 metres long and six and a half metres high, putting him in the top 10 largest dinosaurs in the world! But… it doesn’t stop there as the museum also showcases some of the world’s largest megafauna.

Big Red Sand Dune

Nearest Town: Birdsville

Standing at over 40-metres tall, ‘Big Red’ lies on the eastern edge of the Simpson Desert and is reputed to be one of its largest sand dunes. It’s a dream four-wheel drive location and also on every ‘big things’ enthusiast’s perfect photo list. Catching a sunset from the top of Big Red is an experience not to be missed and you’ll be chuffed to know it’s just 37 kilometres from the iconic town of Birdsville. For those who like big adventures, the Big Red Bash is the ideal outback event, holding the title for the world’s most remote music festival. Tell your mates all about it, as you’ll be guaranteed a huge, great adventure.

The Big Ram

Town: Blackall

While he may not be as soft as your average merino, the Big Ram’s presence symbolises the significant wool and sheep industry in Blackall. Located down the road from the only remaining steam operated wool washing plant in Australia (i.e. The Blackall Woolscur), the Big Ram also reminds travellers of ‘Queensland’s Sheep Belt’ that carves its way through the centre of the state. Want to know more? Ask for a tour with a local at the Blackall Visitor Information Centre.

William the Hairy Nosed Wombat

Town: Thallon

In Thallon be sure to stop and check out the Giant Northern Hairy-Nosed Wombat statue located at the park. Children will enjoy climbing the Wombat statue and learn all about Wombats located on the information boards. Thallon’s Francis Hotel features an ever changing ‘Local Images’ Photographic Exhibition and a fascinating video on the Northern Hairy-Nosed Wombat.

The Big Deck Chair

Town: Winton

The Big Deck Chair is in the open-air Royal Theatre in Winton, one of 2 remaining open-air theatres of its type in Australia. The other is in Broome. The 18-metre high Big Deck Chair was constructed by the Free Masons Taskforce of Victoria for an event.

The theatre is open as a museum so you can wander through from the Gift and Gem and Gem Walk. The best time to go though is on Wednesday nights between April and October for a nostalgia night.

Banana the Bullock

 Town: Banana

With a town name like Banana, you would assume the town to be fielded with big delicious yellow fruit bearing palms, but there’s not a single banana tree in sight of this location. Banana the Bullock stands yellow and proud, named after his yellow coloured ‘hide’. The bullock was a favourite of the local stockmen in the 1860’s and now stands in the centre of town. For those who are first time Banana travellers, you’ll be glad to know you can reach all the wonders of the region in next to no time; as Banana is a key junction point between the Dawson and Leichhardt highways.

The Big Stockman

Location: Longreach

When adventuring across the road from the Qantas Founders Museum, you’ll be greeted by the Big Stockman located at the front of The Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame. Once you get a selfie or two with this guy, head on into the museum which is filled with Australian stories and history. The exhibits comprise a combination of historical artefacts, images, audiovisual presentations and open displays, which all foster an interpretive and fascinating story of the outback. This is not to mention that the ‘Outback Stockman’s Show’ is a must do on anyone’s itinerary.

The Big Boomerangs

Town: Nindigully

You’ll find these three giant boomerangs at Nindigully, a rural town in the locality of Thallon, the Shire of Balonne, Queensland. The 3-metre-high boomerangs were designed in 1989 by Jon Dowding, later becoming the perfect choice for 1999’s Paperback Hero film, starring Hugh Jackman and Claudia Karvan.

The Lake Dunn Sculpture Trail

Town: Aramac

Stretching 200km, the Lake Dunn Sculpture Trail in Aramac is the work of one prolific local artist, Milynda Rogers. Rogers’ inspiration comes from the characters and animals in the surrounding area. There are 40 sculptures to view along the way (with more added every year), all made from scrap metal and assorted farming materials (barbed wire featuring heavily). Begin in Aramac and look out for the Red Roo, and then take to the scenic loop to find sculptures of emus, brolgas and cowgirls. You’ll find a map to download on the Barcaldine region website.

The Big Bottle Tree

Town: Roma

Standing at 6-metres high, with a width of 9.51 metres and a crown of 20 metres, this big natural beauty can be found close to the Big Rig Visitor Information Centre. The tree survived a transplant from a local property back in 1927 to its current location at the end of Edwardes Street. Dating back to approximately the 19th century, the tree has now reached maturity but its trunk continues to grow at a rate of around one centimetre per year. Ensure a photo or two with your mates when travelling along the Warrego Way, as a trip to Roma would not be complete without it.

The Big Meat Ant

Town: Augathella

Meat ants are described as Australia’s most abundant and ecologically important group of ants; and this ant here is million times the regular size! As one of many great points of interest along the Matilda Way, ‘Meat Ant Country’ (i.e. Augathella) welcomed its’ installation in 2011. Just like the Big Prawn or Big Banana, it represents the local ‘Mighty Augathella Meat Ants’ football team who were fearless in their attack against any opponANTs.

The Pliosaur at Kronosaurus Korner

Town: Richmond

Kronosaurus Korner in Richmond not only houses a collection of awe-inspiring marine reptile fossils but welcomes travellers to visit its iconic blue pliosaur ‘Penny’. With a big smile, Penny is any photographers go-to-attraction before entering what is known as one of the world’s ‘finest fossil institutes’. Sea creatures in the Outback you ask? Millions of years ago Queensland’s Outback was a giant inland sea, who would have thought?

The Big Yellowbelly

Town: Isisford

It’s hard to miss the Outback’s biggest Yellowbelly glistening in the sunlight as you arrive in town. It measures 12-metres long and stands a lofty five metres high. Look closely and you’ll discover windmill parts, corrugated iron and thousands of pop rivets gathered from surrounding properties. This impressive metal art sculpture is a celebration of the Yellowbelly Fishing Competition held annually on the last weekend of July. The event is held at Oma Waterhole and draws masses of keen anglers from across the country.

The Cunnamulla Fella

Town: Cunnamulla

While there’s an abundance of songs dedicated to life in many iconic Outback towns and attractions, the Cunnamulla Fella popularised by Slim Dusty, is one of the most well-known. Paying tribute to the region’s pastoral heritage and stockmen of the time, the Cunnamulla Fella gazes over the south-west town. The statue is made of bronze and double that of life size.


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