Four reasons why kids love the Qantas Founders Museum

When visiting Longreach with the kids, be sure to visit the Qantas Founders Museum. Not only will it educate the younger generation on Australia’s aviation history and what life was like before planes were commonplace, but they will have so much fun that they won’t want to leave!


 Here are the top four reasons why kids love the Qantas Founders Museum:


1. Planes, jets and more planes


Do your kids go crazy when they see one in the sky? Do they think that being at the airport is more fun than the actual holiday? Every child loves planes and the Museum gives kids an opportunity to get up close and personal with planes throughout the ages. They will love visiting the heritage listed hanger and the DH-50 and DH-61 aircraft it houses.


3 Qantas Hangar


2. The Jet Tour


The Jet Tour takes the aviation experience to the next level. For 1.5 hours, the kids will get to explore the Boeing 747 and 707 aircraft that they know and love. They will get to view the cockpit, see the Black Box, learn how to arm the doors, sit in a first class seat, check out the top deck and see where the crew members have their breaks. They will also get to see a luxury private jet that was owned by a Saudi Prince!


8 School Tour


3. Fly a plane


The Museum is home to the world’s only Bristol Fighter simulator, the aircraft that Qantas founders Paul McGinness and Hudson Fysh flew together during WWI. You can also book a session to spread your wings even further and fly the Lockheed F-35 simulators to experience the 100 year leap in technology.




4. The Kids Trail & Quizzes


The Museum gives kids a wealth of knowledge on aviation, and this can be enhanced with the fun and educational Kids Trail and the Museum and Jet Tour Quizzes. Children love hunting for answers as they browse the Museum and seeing who takes out the quiz master title at the end of their visit.




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