How to get the best from a trip to the Carnarvon Ranges

Carnarvon Gorge and the Carnarvon Ranges are justifiably amongst central Queensland’s most loved nature destinations. With dramatic scenery, natural wonders and Indigenous cultural sites, there’s so much to see – if you know where to look.

While some parts of the Carnarvon area are well-trodden by tourists, there are still opportunities to see sights that few visitors see and spot rare flora and fauna that have retreated to less-visited areas.

That’s the focus of Boobook Explore’s small group Lost World Carnarvons (Wallaroo) day adventure which explores the Carnarvon Ranges area.

Exclusive access to spectacular wilderness

Boobook Explore has exclusive access to take visitors to the 300 square kilometre privately-owned Wallaroo property in the Carnarvon Ranges. With small groups and an experienced eco guide you’ll discover the spirit and nature of this incredible Australian region.

Here in the varied sandstone landscape you’ll see spectacular coloured cliffs, ancient caves, Indigenous rock art and stunning rock formations. You’ll also visit a site where the early Indigenous inhabitants honed their stone axes on the flat rocks of the wide Dawson River.

There’s a picnic lunch in a prehistoric cycad grove and time to gaze in awe at the breathtaking panoramic views of the Arcadia Valley spread before you hundreds of metres below.

A guide who’s a local expert

Part of the attraction of the Carnarvon Ranges is the outstanding biodiversity and the chance to spot rare native animals and plants. That’s where it really pays to have guides who know the area in knowledgeable detail.

Boobook Explore is run by local ecologists Craig and Meryl Eddie who have lived and worked in the region for decades. Not only do they know where you’re most likely to spot a Herbert’s Rock Wallaby, a leaf-tailed gecko or a rare squatter pigeon, they can explain their significance in the ecosystem.

With Boobook Explore you really feel that you’re privileged to be stepping through a portal into a secret wonderland that remains largely protected from human disturbance.

Getting there

The Lost World Carnarvons (Wallaroo) day adventure runs frequently from April to October and you can join the small group aboard an air-conditioned 4WD mini bus in Roma or Injune, or at Wallaroo if you stay in the glamping bush accommodation there. Only short walks from the vehicle are needed to see the hidden wonders so this is suitable for most fitness levels.

See website for more details of this tour and Boobook’s Explore’s longer holidays in the Carnarvon Ranges.

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