How to win a million dollars in the Outback in 2022

Outback Golf | How to win a million dollars in the Outback this yearIf a visit to Outback Queensland has been on your bucket-list for some time, let us give you six words and a million more reasons to visit in 2022: The Outback Queensland Masters is returning and tickets are on sale NOW !!

Whether you’re an amateur golfer, social player or a first-time swinger, grab your clubs and head west for the Outback Queensland Masters in June and July (2022).

Come and play ‘around’ with us in the outback and try your luck at the $1million dollar hole-in-one challenge while experiencing the adventure of a lifetime in Outback Queensland.


How does it work?

First things first, the Outback Queensland Masters is a progressive golf tournament.

To be able to take the drive at the $1million dollar hole-in-one in Birdsville , you’ll need to play at least two other courses in the outback first. To qualify, tee off at Roma, Tambo, Barcaldine, Winton, Mount Isa first.

If you’re in it to win it, we’d recommend purchasing a Million Dollar Player Pass which includes access to two event locations of your choice, and the main attraction, the $1million dollar hole in Birdsville.

Of course, if you want to really play around the Outback, you can add on additional locations to this pass to play all six locations.

For all your pass details head to


What does a pass get you?

Your pass is your ticket to winning it big, covering all your green fees, 18 holes at each location, breakfast, lunch and an evening dinner under the stars.

At each location, there’s plenty of activity off par. You’ll be able to join in the outback festivities at the Iron Bar Party, which includes live music and novelty golf holes.


Where do you play?

Outback Queensland Masters Golf

Outback Queensland Masters Golf

The Outback Queensland Masters is Australia’s most remote golf tournament making your average green look more like a suburban backyard. This tournament spans an epic 1,400 kilometres from Roma, Tambo, Barcaldine, Winton, Mount Isa and Birdsville.

When you aren’t on the fairway, explore the region with its remote landscapes, dig for dinosaur bones, catch an unbelievable sunset and meet plenty of fair-dinkum Aussie characters.

Add these posts to your caddy bag and discover what lies beyond the course:

You’ll have your outback knowledge down to a tee once you’ve read our first timers guide to Outback Queensland.


What if you’re not a pro?

No pro-blem! You don’t have to be Tiger Woods to tackle this tournament. The Outback Queensland Masters is just as much a competition for the amateur golfer as the real deal.

If your style is more Happy Gilmore, you can still enter the competition and go in the running for the big prize. Regardless of your level or style, you’re guaranteed to come home with red dirt in your caddy bag.


What if you just want to watch?

OQM entertainment under the stars

Australia’s most remote golf series

If teeing off on the outback ‘green’ isn’t for you, you can still experience the Outback Queensland Masters without even having to take a swing.

Spectators can join in on the country hospitality and live entertainment at each location and grab a seat in the gallery for the final round of the $1million dollar hole-in-one in Birdsville with an Outback Experience Pass.


Tips for the million-dollar hole?

When you’ve only got a 20% chance of landing a hole-in-one in your lifetime (provided you’re a low-handicapper and play 1000 rounds in your life), you’ll want these tips on your side to make yourself $1million richer in 2019.

  • Learn the lingo – if you’re a newbie to the game, it’s important to know your lingo to impress the others eyeing off the big prize. Birdie, bogey and bunker; caddie, chip and choke; how about double eagle, level-par or angle of approach?
  • Hire clubs if you don’t own them – Outback Queensland Masters has clubs available for hire for $50 at each location. Just add them to your booking when you purchase your tickets.
  • Look the part – there’s no guarantee that your fashion choices will help you win $1million dollars, but country casual style with closed-toe shoes is the uniform for the event. There are merchandise packs available for purchase including a commemorative event polo shirt, cap and tees. You also might want to bring an extra pair of pants… in case you get that hole-in-one.

Finally, get practicing. You never know, an extra hole’s practice might just make you a million dollars richer this year.


So, when is it all going down?

Event 1 – Roma – June 18 & 19
Event 2 – Tambo – June 25 & 26
Event 3 – Barcaldine – July 2 & 3
Event 4 – Winton – July 9 & 10
Event 5 – Mount Isa– July 16 & 17
Event 6 – Birdsville – July 22, 23 & 24 

For all the details on the schedule, format, fees and tickets head to the website


Looking for more things to do while in Outback Queensland?

Boulia Camel Races | BouliaWhile travelling around the outback experience other amazing events, including Jimmy Barnes live at the Big Red Bash, films under the stars at the Vision Splendid Outback Film Festival in Winton and the iconic Boulia Camel Races!

For a full list of events and to plan your outback adventures, head to our Events page.


Vaughan Casey

Hi – am interested in making an outback holiday of all venues and events. How much for a pass for a singlr player? And how much to cover extras (meals etc) for wife (non-playing caddy)?


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