It’s Showtime in Queensland’s Central Highlands

It doesn’t matter if you’re a local or passing through visitor, because everyone loves a good country show! From now until June, the iconic Central Highlands region will be a short-time ‘showtime capital’; seeing Capella, Clermont, Springsure, Emerald and Comet hosting their great local annual events!




When did these shows begin?

Agricultural shows have a long history within Outback and Queensland communities and date back as far as 1822. If you didn’t know it already, the Springsure Show is actually one of the oldest ongoing shows in Queensland; opening its gates to enthusiastic attendees this year at the end of June!


What’s on this year?

While you can ensure the adrenaline filled rides, thrills, screams and traditional sweet fairy floss, each town will be doing their utmost to showcase community and regional spirit! Locals share their stories of life on the land and retell what it is like to live in a small yet vibrant outback community. As a major draw card, expect to see herds of perfect preened cattle, local art and craft, woodchopping, horse events, delicious local baked goods and the mecca of sights, sounds and smells of baby animals (because there’s no great show without them!).


Central Highlands Shows


What else can I do nearby?

Once you’ve found yourself ticking off the many iconic ‘big things’ include the ‘big easel’, ‘big spanner’, ‘big pick and shovel’ and the ‘big ring’, ensure you plan your roadtrip around fossicking in the Sapphire gemfields, day tripping to the Blackwater International Coal Centre, fishing in Lake Maraboon and visits to many of the ‘Sandstone Wilderness’ locations. Click here to find out more!


Central Highlands Show Dates:

Alpha Show: 23-24th May        

– Capella and District Show: 26-27th May        

– Clermont Rodeo and Show Society: 30-31st May

Springsure Show Society: 2-3rd June

Emerald Show Society: 6-7th June

Comet Sporting and Agricultural Show: 23-24th September


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Click here to see a full list of outback events! 



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