Kronosaurus Korner Museum

Richmond – 1,252km north-west from Brisbane

The Kronosaurus Korner Museum is another unmissable stop on Outback Queensland’s unique and exciting dinosaur trail.

Located in an area that was once an inland sea, the museum is home to marine species, pterosaurs, birds, fish, crustaceans, cephalopods, gastropods, plants, bivalves and echinoderms all found in the Richmond area.

‘Penny’ a 98% complete Plesiosaur is the museum’s jewel in the crown, alongside ‘Krono’ the?Kronosaurus?queenslandicus, the intimidating Eromangasaurus, and many more!

Watch palaeontology in action through the museum’s viewing windows into the preparation laboratory or better still, join the search for new finds at Richmond’s Fossil Hunting Sites. You can buy a permit at the museum or via their website.

Take your discoveries to the museum’s team for help with identification or learn directly from the experts on a two hour Digging@Dawn tour offered between April and October (weather permitting).

Watch this video made by to see what’s waiting for you to discover in Outback Queensland.

Visit the Kronosaurus Korner Museum page to start planning your paleo-themed adventure.