Mutch fun to be had in South West Outback Queensland

Next week, Selena and Morgan Mutch with their kids Emerson (8 years) and Lara (5 years), will pack their enthusiasm and sense of adventure into their new home on wheels, a trusty Jucy Motorhome, for 14 fantastic days living their story in Outback Queensland.


“We are really looking forward to disconnecting from the noise of city life & reconnecting as a family!”


The south west of Outback Queensland is the perfect place to live a life less ordinary, soaking up the timeless landscapes and endless sky. With an unending array of natural wonders set within the diverse landscapes and communities of Charleville, Quilpie, Eromanga, Thargomindah, Eulo and Cunnamulla, and a perhaps even more so interesting array of outback locals with whom to share their stories and lifestyle.






Taking a break from school, (but not from education), the family will enjoy some practical, hands-on lessons in astronomy, geology, hydrology, palaeontology and history. Gaining a whole new perspective of the universe in Charleville with its stunning Cosmos Centre and Observatory to marvelling at the colours and textures of precious gemstones in Quilpie, home of the Jewel of the Outback, a beautiful boulder opal. Both kids are super excited about seeing dinosaur bones as they visit the home of Australia’s largest dinosaurs and also Australia’s furthest town from the sea – Eromanga!





Whether action packed four wheel driving or a flavour packed picnic on the edge of the desert, putting your legs to good use on a self-guided river walk through Cunnamulla or putting your feet up at Eulo’s Great Artesian Spa. There will be as many memorable moments as spectacular sunsets on this unforgettable family holiday.






And they earned it! Check out the poem the Mutch family crafted for their competition entry:

There was a young family from Jindalee
who really needed to break free 
with working a lot and homework on top
they really needed a break you see!
So when they saw a competition 
that would bring it to fruition
they jumped at the chance
to have a trip of a lifetime!!


Enjoy your Outback Queensland adventure Mutch family!


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