Mutch-loved family holiday in Outback Queensland!

Recently the Mutch family, including Selena and Morgan Mutch and their kids Emerson (8 years) and Lara (5 years), spent 14 fantastic days living their story in Outback Queensland.



“What an amazing trip!” – said the family.


Taking in the south west of Outback Queensland including the diverse landscapes and communities of Charleville, Quilpie, Eromanga, Thargomindah, Eulo and Cunnamulla, the highlights for the Mutch family were the wonderful native wildlife (kangaroos, emus, bilbies, brolgas and lizards!) the trip to Bonus Downs, the wonderful Ide at Thargomindah, The Eulo Queen where they watched history go down with the US election with Jacko & Janelle, and the mud baths at Eulo.




For the kids, it was an experience like never before. They loved sleeping in the Jucy camper, exploring each town – especially the artesian water pools!! “They even started instigating their own games in the car like Eye spy and ‘the first one to see a dead kangaroo then a red car to put it in is the winner’ lol!!” said Selena. “They love collecting things; rocks, sticks, leaves, souvenirs and maps.”




“I think they were less bored in the outback than they are in the city!! It was great to see them play and explore outside and get lots of fresh air and sunshine!”




The kids loved the trip to Bonus Downs as Lara got to play with some puppies and Emerson got to crack a whip, and they also rode a horse for the first time. They loved finding opals and meeting the bilbies at the Bilby centre. Selena and Morgan were surprised by how much there was to do for a young family in Outback Queensland. “The kids were really catered for and the places we visited were really family friendly with great facilities and people everywhere really engaged with the kids and make them feel really special,” they said. “Plus the amazing colours!! There had been a fair bit of rain so everything was green and the wild flowers were just spectacular.”




“We’d love to do more travelling outback! Maybe a farm stay next time as the kids loved the animal experiences and Morgan and I loved the beautiful old buildings. Emerson and Morgan are keen to do some more Opal fossicking too!!”




Holiday ‘beyond the boring’, step past the ‘same-old’ and immerse your family in the story of Outback Queensland. Like the Mutch family, it will be an experience to remember!




Here are the Mutch family’s TOP 5 TIPS for families going to the outback for the first time:


1] Take a few food essentials with you such as breakfast foods, snacks etc as the shops aren’t always open! Also take an esky to keep your food, drinks cold.

2] Make sure the Visitor Information Centre is your first stop in each town.

3] Don’t be afraid to ask a local – everyone is super friendly and more than happy to help a lost visitor out 🙂

4] Take (lots of) insect repellent and sunscreen! (the kids had a lot of fun with some cheap plastic fly swats).

5] If you are driving a long distance, plan to leave early to avoid kangaroos at dusk.


Written by Cristy Houghton (Tilma Group)


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