The Australian Workers Heritage Centre

Barcaldine – 1,072km north-west from Brisbane

Set within 2 hectares of tranquil landscaped gardens the Australian Workers Heritage Centre documents the ‘Story of the Workers’ paying tribute to (among others) the participants of the 1891 Great Shearers’ Strike which led to the formation of the Australian Labor Party in 1892.

Subsequently, the Manifesto of the Queensland Labour Party was launched beneath the shade of an Australian Ghost Gum that became known as the ‘Tree of Knowledge’ and one of Barcaldine’s most famous landmarks. Today its only descendant ‘Young Un’ can be found in the heritage centre’s  beautiful grounds.

Located on the site of the town’s former state school, the Australian Workers Heritage Centre features exhibition spaces set within a range of original historic structures that were once thriving workplaces and community spaces, including a one-teacher school, railway station, police watch house, post office and the AWU Shearer’s Hall – one of the oldest buildings of its kind in the country.

The buildings, exhibits, dioramas, multimedia screens and recreations tell the story of the famous strike, along with the stories of many different workers from women to road builders!

In addition, the Centre houses a great café for your coffee or morning tea stop, and a gift shop.

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Visit the Australian Workers Heritage Centre page to plan your visit to the historic Outback town of Barcaldine.